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9 Reasons You Should Go for a Walk

9 reasons you should go for a walk

9 reasons you should go for a walk

Solviture ambulando (It is solved by walking)

One of the best things about having my sister live in the same city as me is that I have someone who ‘gets me’ on tap. We grew up together. She knows my history. We laugh at the same stuff. She often knows what I’m thinking.

And, while we may not always see eye to eye (ain’t that the truth!), I know that she’s always got my back. It’s a lovely feeling.

The other thing about having her ‘on tap’ here in Sydney is that we have developed a kind of Frankham family short hand. You probably have the same with members of your family. Words and phrases that resonate between you and your loved ones. That only you get.

One of ours is…

“Have you been for a walk today?”

This is often paraphrased into, “Go for a walk”.

It comes from our childhood. It was – and still is – our Mum’s stock response to most things.

Feeling a bit down? – Go for a walk.

Need some inspiration? – Go for a walk.

Stressed or anxious? – Go for a walk.

A little off colour? – Go for a walk.

Boredom or lethargy kicking in? – Go for a walk.

The thing is, Mum was right. Again.

While I’m certainly not suggesting that everything can be fixed by going for a walk, many of life’s little bumps can be improved after getting outside in the fresh air and moving your body.

You get double points if it happens to be in nature.

In fact, the very act of deciding to go for a walk creates a mental change in perspective. Going for a walk requires both patience and a willingness to take some time out of your day.

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, “Twilight of the Idols”

Want to know some of the health benefits of walking?

  1. Walking gives you a chance to think. Really. And, this is my favourite, because I engage (or think) differently when I’m walking.
  2. Walking boosts your immune function. Yep – a little daily walk can do that.
  3. Walking is a great way to reduce stress (refer #2). If like me, you have issues with adrenal fatigue, walking is a great way to help regulate your cortisol levels.
  4. Walking improves your physiology – decreases high blood pressure, lowers triglyceride levels, improves your glycemic control.
  5. Walking maintains brain function.
  6. Walking boosts your Vitamin D levels.
  7. Walking can be a form of meditation.
  8. Walking is free, so you don’t need any fancy equipment. It’s easy on the wallet.
  9. Walking is a great way to engage socially – with your partner or with a friend (four-legged or two).

JFC Bella Walk

“My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She’s ninety-seven now, and we don’t know where the heck she is.” – Ellen DeGeneres

Walking is also a low impact, gentle movement suitable for most people following the Autoimmune Protocol. In fact, higher intensity forms of exercise should be seriously reconsidered in the early stages of healing. Really. I know it seems counter-intuitive.

The Paleo Mom wrote a great article detailing the science behind why exercising too much is the wrong thing to do when you’re trying to heal your compromised gut.

Walking could be just the thing your body needs.

I’ve committed to a daily 30-minute walking practice this year*. And, any day I don’t walk for 30 minutes gets added to the next day.

So, have you been for a walk today?

*Bella, is one happy pooch!

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Will go straight away, couldn’t possibly not!

Excellent! See – you’re even famous on the internet, now 🙂

Mother is feeling smug!

Have you been for a walk today (with Mum)?

I think differently when I’m walking, too. When in doubt, walk~. But I have to remind myself of that every day. Because somehow it’s easy to forget. Thanks for the reminder!

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