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Make It Yours
Your Health Caper – Taking Personal Responsibility and Making it Yours

Today we’re talking things ‘personal responsibility’. Specifically, you taking personal responsibility for the choices you make in regard to your diet and lifestyle choices.

Personal responsibility is the idea that individuals choose, instigate, or otherwise cause their own actions.

…and small confession – for the longest time, I didn’t do this.

I’ve got a few easy-peasy tips for just how to start taking personal responsibility…

Box Breathing
Stress Management Tools: Box Breathing

How’s your stress level? If I asked you to rate your stress on a scale of 1 to 10, where would you be, I wonder?

In this week’s post, I’m sharing a prospective technique to add to your health toolbox. And this one is my new favourite because it’s so easy – both to remember and to do. I do it while walking with Bella in the morning. And, walking to the bus. And, in the car…

It’s like a portable secret weapon!

Why the Maintenance Phase of the AIP Trips You Up
Why the Maintenance Phase of the AIP Trips You Up

Did you know that most of my clients come to me in the maintenance phase of their AIP caper? By the time you reach the third stage of the AIP, you have a very good understanding of what your AIP way of life should look like, but bizarrely – this is also the phase that is most likely to trip you up!