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A Very Doggie Christmas…

Bella the poodle
(Image by TSL)

It’s just the most amazing thing to love a dog, isn’t it? It makes our relationships with people seem as boring as a bowl of oatmeal. (John Grogan, Marley and Me: Life and Love With the World’s Worst Dog)

Bella turns 9 on Christmas day. That’s 9 in human years. In dog years, she’s 63. Granted, she may have become a little less tolerant of some of the more scatty dogs we encounter when we’re out on our daily walks, but I guess that’s her prerogative – middle-aged spinster that she is. I hope I’m as fit and sprightly at 63…

I mentioned yesterday that I’m making a few of my Christmas pressies this year. Well, Bella features on that recipient list, too. I mean, it’s a double whammy for her – birthday AND Christmas, all rolled into one. I could hardly leave her off the list, could I?

LM laughs at me for anthropomorphising, but I spend more time with Bella than I do with almost anyone (LM excepted). I can’t imagine my life without her. And, let’s not go down that road. So, of course she needs to be considered for Christmas.

Pumpkin Doggie Biscuits a la TSL
Pumpkin Doggie Biscuits a la TSL
(Image by TSL)
Bella's Pumpkin Doggie Biscuits a la TSL
Bella’s Pumpkin Doggie Biscuits a la TSL
(Image by TSL)

This year, she’s getting homemade dog biscuits. And, since I picked up my doggie bone biscuit cutter from the Essential Ingredient this morning, I couldn’t resist whipping up the first batch today.

Let me tell you, they went down a treat!

Bella (Appears to) Wait Patiently for her Treat
Bella (Appears to) Wait Patiently for her Treat
Hand model – LM
(Image by TSL)
Please Sir, Can I Have Some More…?
Please Sir, Can I Have Some More…?
(Image by TSL)

The next batch are going to be stuffed full of mint and parsley to give her minty fresh breath. I’ll let you know how they go!

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Comments (12)

Looking very good for her age! Happy nearly birthday Bella 🙂

Bella says ‘thanks, BCD’!

She is too cute! So are the pumpkin biscuits. Can I have one?

One million coming your way!

What a well behaved puppy to sit still for her close up.

She is a real cutie pie! And I bet she loved those treats.

She was a very happy wee puppy!

I think food is the only pressie a dog appreciates getting.

Under ‘getting’, I would add tummy rubs, Jan. Under ‘giving’, sadly morning kisses are Bella’s favourite. ANd her aim is true…!

9 years and still looking beautiful, it is incredible how they still approach some things like a puppy even when they’re that age, always makes me laugh. If there is anyone in the the world that I could spend all my time with, it is my dogs. What a good dog mum you are to bake homemade treats for her 🙂

Just too beautiful. Mint & Xmas. Happy birthday little Bellarina!

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