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A Very SYDNEY Christmas – 8 Bonza AIP Christmas Ideas

Bonza Christmas Ideas

Bonza Christmas Ideas

“Hello possums!” – Dame Edna Everage

At this time of year, we possums down under are inundated with all sorts of goodies from the northern hemisphere in our social media feeds. Inundated, I tell you! Things like Instant Pots and Beauty Counter and offers from Paleo on the Go. All these good things that have yet to (officially) reach our shores.

So, I though a little ‘down under’ inspiration may be in order

Here are a some of my ideas for a very merry AIP Christmas – down under style…


A cheeky little jar of dehydrated goodness from Broth of Life – I absolutely love this stuff for when I’m travelling (or even for those pesky moments when I head to the freezer and realise I’m out of bone broth stocks). On my last trip to the States, I had the crew of the Virgin flight all trying my dehydrated chicken bone broth out for size.

Australia’s first 100% NASAA Certified Organic, paleo and AIP friendly, gluten free dehydrated bone broth… The good peeps at Broth of Life pride themselves on the fact that they prepare their product from superior, organic grass fed cattle, organic free range chickens, organic biodynamic lambs and organic vegetables with NO added nasties. None. They promise.

Oh, and they ship internationally, too!

Unless black pepper has been successfully reintroduced, choose from the ‘FODMAP’ or ‘Naked’ range.

Cost: from AU$22


An heirloom piece of cookware from Solidteknics – MJ Henry and his range of amazeballs cookware rocks! To date, I only have one piece in my collection (can you have a collection of one?) but I adore my AUSion steel 28cm wok-style fry pan so much that it definitely won’t be my last. This baby makes the best AIP-friendly one-dish skillet meals ever…

Solidteknics offers two ranges of cookware: cast iron and their patented formed-iron (steel) which is lighter in weight. Both are 100% made in Australia from Australian materials. Both are multi-century durable, pre-seasoned bare iron for natural, non-toxic, forever-renewable nonstick.

Both ranges cook very similarly on any heat source. They are truly things of beauty. 

They are available in the U.S., too!

Cost: from AU$100+

Solidteknics Skillet Meal


Smoked Yakima Applewood Salt from Gewurzhaus – American salt from a German-sounding providore… how did that sneak into this down under list?

I was introduced to this baby by a fellow AIPer (amanda_whatcanyoueat) and I am so very in love with smoked salt as a result. I know you are going to tell me that there are other locally produced salts around, but Gewurzhaus is a Melbourne business specialising in mixing and milling over 100 small-batch blends of goodies using spices, herbs, salts, sugars and teas from around the globe. Whenever I venture into the city, I’m guilty of popping into their shop in the Strand Arcade to check out what new offerings they have…

Cost: from AU$19.95


Emporio Organico is my one-stop-shop for all things organic when it comes to my food and lifestyle needs. All the products are practitioner tested and contain absolutely no hidden chemicals or nasty surprises. Kitsa has a strict policy that she won’t sell any product she has not personally tested or that she would not happily use on herself or her family.

This is where I come for my Vital Proteins Gelatin and my anaerobic Pickl-It jars for fermenting my vegetables. If you live in Sydney, a visit to the shop is worth considering and if you don’t – check out the online store.

Cost: variable


Ovvio Premium Organic Tea is one of my current obsessions. Most recently, I’ve been making wonderful gummies with their Black Apple Orchard Iced Tea. Refreshing and healthy sugar-free, gut-healing cubes of goodness!

Ovvio Teas are the baby of naturopath and herbalist Anthia Koullouros. Each blend contains only the finest flowers, fruits, seeds and leaves blended with respect and care. The packaging is to die for and they are delish, too!

Also available at The Wellness Cafe in New York

Cost: from AU$14

Ova Organic Teas


Deep Rest Yoga with Cora Geroux – spaces at one of Cora’s Deep Rest workshops go like hotcakes and, after attending one of her sessions last month, I can completely understand why.

Anyone familiar with the principles of AIP understands the importance of stress management. But understanding and actually doing something about it are often two very different things. Cora’s workshops provide the opportunity to slow down, restore, and rebalance your over stimulated nervous system.

The two hour practice guides you through a restorative yin yoga sequence, followed by therapeutic yoga nidra session, specifically designed to support the parasympathetic, or rest and digest function of the nervous system.

It really does leave you feeling nourished, grounded and at peace!

This baby is specifically for Sydney-siders. Next workshop Sunday, January 22, 2017 at Yoga Sivana, 2/52 Ourimbah Road Mosman, NSW, 2088

Cost: AU$45


Book a float (or two) at Forever Floating in Paddington – my sister bought me a few floats for my birthday and it was a wonderful gift – great for releasing stress.

Floating involves lying in a private and enclosed tank with LOTS of of epsom salt that has been saturated into water. As you close the door on your tank, all external stimuli floats away. The water is the same temperature as your skin. You float effortlessly due to the 400+ kilos of epsom salt (trust me – it is effortless!). Your tank blocks all sound, gravity, touch and sight leaving you free to relax. The line between where your body ends and the water literally dissolves.

The thing about floating is that the first time it’s a little bit strange… You don’t know what to expect. You’re getting your kit off in a strange room with just a float tank and a shower. And, what if you fall asleep? How will they wake you…? But then, as you orient yourself and float in your little cocoon, you can literally feel yourself start to slow down. It’s a little piece of bliss.

If you don’t live in Sydney, look for a float experience in your neck of the woods.

Cost: from AU$49 for 75 minutes


A one hour coaching session session with me!

If someone you love needs a little one-on-one coaching to help them stay the course with their personal health journey, perhaps a session with me might be just the ticket!

We all know that this autoimmune caper isn’t easy. I can help with creating a personalised roadmap to effecting positive behavioural change using the diet and lifestyle principles of the Autoimmune Protocol. We work together to identify solutions to the areas that are particularly ‘tricky’ and identify tools that can help.

Cost: AU$125*

*this price valid until 31 December 2016

Joanna Frankham Gift Voucher


W I S H I N G   Y O U  A  V E R Y  M E R R Y  

D O W N  U  N D E R  C H R I S T M A S !

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Oooh, I like the float idea. I tried one once, I think it was at Bondi Junction. I was really surprised that it was so shallow because I expected it to be deep water. If only I could have a float tank at home, because the stress of fighting traffic to get home afterwards does kinda wipe out the benefit.

I’d love one at home, too Melanie!

There are float tanks at Brookvale (I think) – which is closer to you than Bondi!

Great list Joanna

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