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A Wee Message From TSL…

Dawn at Gwynganna
Dawn at Gwynganna, Queensland
(Image by TSL)

A big shout out to all you loyal blog buddies who have kept reading and commenting despite the radio silence.  Sorry about that – somewhat frustratingly, there was no internet access in my wee spot in Queensland. An enforced social media detox! Lots of lovely wallabies and not-so-lovely leeches, though!

Anyhoo – back in Syders today and normal transmissions will commence again shortly – hopefully on the morrow. I will attempt to update myself on all the fab’ posts that I have missed over the next few days.

Special thanks to the extra special peeps who e-mailed to ensure I was still alive… I am!  Full of renewed vim & vigour, no less.


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Comments (16)

I know the feeling… mind you my detox was nearly a month. I hope to be unpacked and laundered and back on the blogosphere in the next couple of days…. i just need to try and remember what to do!!

And a big ‘welcome back’ to both of you – you’ve been missed! 🙂

Aww thanks.. missed you too EDS!

We DID miss you, BCD! The Sydney blogging triumvirate has been missing a vital piece! Can’t wait to read all about your travels! 🙂

Beloved is well overdue for a similar break and keeps moaning to us about her need to get away after months of emergency dashes to the hospital and family health problems.
I just give her the Tibbie look so that she knows the trip away has to include us and NOT kennels.
Glad you are feeling refreshed, though the leeches do not sound so good – would they taste okay? Not that I’m into slimy things or things that I find in the garden (except for the bread put out for the birds).
The Princess might try them though, she seems to eat anything she finds in the garden – once.
Welcome home 🙂

Thanks Zac! I can’t imagine ANYONE enjoying the taste of leeches. I have a New Zealander’s fear of these black, slimy critters. Fortunately, none of them managed to get a taste of me!

The break was fantastic, despite the torrential rain for much of the week. It was nice to get away – particularly since LM was travelling in Vietnam on business. Bella went to her ‘other’ home (which she loves) but I did miss her.

Hope you enjoyed Gwinganna, TSL – I was there around this time last year in the week leading up to my birthday, such an amazing place. I must confess that I only got up for the dawn Qi Gong on the first day – after that I answered the 5.45am wakeup and then waited in my warm bed ’til the morning walk! Loved the food, loved the philosophy, LOVED that day spa and loved the people. Hope you had a wonderful time! 🙂

Gwinganna was a m a z i n g , Sparks. Just what the doctor ordered, although I am now off dairy for 3 whole months to see if it makes a difference (this is actually more of an issue because I like my coffee white). Ahhhh well…

It is a wonderful place, isn’t it? I just wish I had more hours in the day to implement all (well, maybe not ALL) of the healthy living practices espoused!

You all good ?

Funny – how you can miss someone you never met and never talked to who lives half way around the globe. But, yes, you were missed.

Jeannee – that sentiment just gives me a warm ‘n’ fuzzy feeling! Thanks, my friend.

I do know what you mean, though. It’s a lovely community, here in blog-world.

You are BACK! No internet, though unexpected, must have been (just a little) wonderful – non? I imagine it might be! I hope you had a good holiday J! 🙂

I’m BACK! And yes – no internet creates quite a push me/pull you effect. Part of you is itching to touch base with all your wonderful interweb mates, and part of you relishes the time out. It is proving (just a little) challenging to get back into the swing of things!

Now, I know you are off to France soon (how exciting! The girls must be beside themselves!) but still thought you should know that I have just been told to stay off the dairy for three months to see what happens… You need to know that I will be extra vigilant in my reading of IPOM now. Just warning you, girl! 🙂

Wow that is a fabulous shot! Hope you enjoyed your time away.

Thanks Lady Fi. We did Qi Gong at dawn in that very spot every morning. It was a great way to start the day.

Wonderful photograph..

Oh, Soop’ – thank you! 🙂

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