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A Weekend in Flowers…

Flowers by LM
Flowers by LM. Vase by Rosenthal.
(Image by LM, Creative Director)

It seems my weekend has been punctuated with beautiful blooms.

First up we have LM, who has christened himself Creative Director of this very blog. It’s a role he takes very seriously. As a result, this Monday I give you the paper daisies he bought for me at the markets on Saturday – purchased specifically with my Rosenthal paper bag vase in mind.

He buys me flowers at the markets every week and he arranges them himself. Lovely man.

Earth laughs in flowers. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Jodie McGregor Flowers
Flowers by Jodie McGregor Flowers
(Image by LM, Creative Director)

Next, the flowers purchased for a lovely spa buddy who cooked us a delicious meal on Saturday night.

Flowers for TSL
Flowers for TSL
(Image by TSL)

The flowers I unexpectedly received from my lovely spa buddy! I just love the colour of those roses.

I am following Nature without being able to grasp her, I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers. (Claude Monet)

Flowers by Jodie McGregor Flowers
Flowers by Jodie McGregor Flowers
(Image by LM, Creative Director)

Housewarming flowers for my Australian ‘other’ Mum & Dad who move into their new home in Sydney today. Happy new start, Ann and John!

It really was a weekend of flowers here. Hope yours was equally lovely, wherever in the world you may be.

Thanks to an introduction by my Creative Director, Jodie McGregor Flowers is now my florist of choice here in Sydney. The crew there – whether it is Jodie herself, or one of her fab’ team always exceed my expectations. I particularly love the arrangements they do with Australian natives.

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Comments (20)

I am impressed by your newest addition to the blog – and welcome the work of the TSL Creative Director! Truly lovely blooms you have shared with us, and it’s high time you got yourself the support you deserve, J 😉 Well done!

Cheers Shira – the Creative Director is already claiming the responsibility may be too much for him… no stamina!

Hmm. I think I need a Creative Director, too. Wonderbutt has applied for the job, but, so far, I am not impressed by his resume.

Nah – Cap’n Firepants is your guy, I reckon

Loving those paper daisies! A man with good taste and stylistic skills! Definitely a keeper!

Yep – all that AND he is an awesome barista!

How is he at making the perfect pot of tea though! 🙂

BCD – Since I’m only allowed one flat white a week, the fact that LM makes the best one possible (and will insist on making it again if it’s not absolutely perfect), means I’m actually more interested in his barista capabilities… 🙂

Such gorgeous flowers…and I LOVE that paper bag vase. The housewarming flowers in particular are stunning – what a lovely start to their days in their new home. But I am confused – what is a spa buddy? Or is it inappropriate to ask? Or maybe it’s a cool inner west thing that hasn’t reached the north side? 😉

Lovely Sparks – ‘Spa Buddy’ is my friend who accompanied me to Gwinganna. No such luck on the cool inner-west thing, sadly!

That vase is my favourite. My Dad gave it to my Mum one year and I coveted it, so she then gave it to me for a birthday. It makes me think of my Mum every time I use it.

I love flowers and just seeing them pop in your post has made my day brighter. Thanks Syders and LM. What a great collaboration. This could be a regular thing? PS Love that LM buys you flowers every week and arranges them.

M – I love that he does, too! He’s pretty good to me. 🙂

How nice…
I went out to pick some wild flowers today…they are in my vases now.

Amazing how they can brighten your day, isn’t it?

I am sorry to burst the LM Creative Director’s bubble, but I must say that the photo of the Jodie McGregor flowers did not do them justice. They were much more magnificant that the photo depicts. So good effort LM but I expect more from you next time. Missy K.

LM says he is no longer talking to you. I am, though! 🙂

How wonderful LM is, I buy my own flowers every week. To me they are a necessity on the grocery list and colour dictates the week ahead. I find the brighter the flowers, the better the week. I hope M. Monet’s garden is on the Paris itinerary.

It’s true, LM is one of a kind. And I wish you a week of hot pink and bright yellow blooms!

I’m not sure if we will make it to Giverny… It’s a possibility.

Very beautiful flowers, i love to send flowers to my friends and relatives an it is quite easy now days by online flower services.

Great images. Very lovely.

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