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Are you one of those people who has a stash of greeting cards waiting to find the right recipients?  Perhaps you’re one of those people who sends a card ‘just because’?  Or, maybe you just like a little off-beat stationery?  This post is for you…

Abel and Game 'Let's Curl Up on the Couch and Listen to Billy Ocean'
Gotta' love a bit of Billy!

Able and Game is a Melbourne-based stationery label.  Anna Blandford and Gareth Meney use humour and sentiment to convey messages that are quirky and personal, but also with tongue firmly in cheek.  I think they’re fab’.

Able and Game 'You Play Scully and I'll Play Mulder'
Ummm, wasn't David Duchovny a self-proclaimed sex addict?
Able and Game 'You Celebrate Your Birthday Once a Year?'
I like the way this girl thinks
Able and Game 'I Don't Have a Lazy Eye. I was Trying to Wink at You'
My personal favourite!
Able and Game ' I Looked Up Your Internet History and Was Disappointed to See You Hadn't Googled Me'
Geeky Creepy
Able aand Game 'Get Well Soon'
Speaks for itself!
One of the best things about the Able and Game range is they do a girl and boy version of each card – so all bases are covered!
You can buy Able and Game cards direct from their Etsy shop here.
(all images sourced from Able and Game)

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Comments (13)

They are great, and rather funny, a very good idea. 😀

Melbourne is home to mucho cool stuff.

So cool! I think I am starting to crave a trip to Australia…

Hold off! The weather chick says it’s going to rain NON-STOP through March. All the dams are full and there’s flooding everywhere… I know Vancouver can be wet, but this is Sydney!

Wow, there is a place that gets more rain than Vancouver..? That must be why there is so much great creativity there!!!

Is there a strong correlation between rainfall and creativity?

My hubby grew up in Winnipeg where it is sub-zero cold and miserable outside 6 months of the year — folks huddle inside and write, make art, and bond! Here at home I think folks are stuck inside and need to create to stay sane! Not proven, just my own little theory :)!

I spent a winter in Lake Louise half a life time ago. Canada gets v e r y cold, I know. There may be something to your theory… 🙂

Lake Louise is gorgeous. One of our favorite road trips and hiking destinations – and yes, oh so cold in the winter!

I love these!! I am a total card-a-holic…I looooove giving people cards “just cause”…and these are fab!

Most excellent, dude! Here to help… 🙂

the billy ocean one is solid gold.

Get outta my dreams
Get into my car….

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