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AIP – Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight


There is a well-known Japanese proverb –

“Fall down seven times, get up eight.”

It could have been written for AIP Reset. Because, I fall off my AIP way of life often. And, I know I am not the only one.

And, its because I fell that AIP Reset even came about…

The thing about this AIP caper is that it takes effort. Most of us start out thinking its all about the diet, and then we realise that there are so many additional lifestyle factors to consider. Often, we’re trying to change the habits of a lifetime. And, we’re applying diet and lifestyle changes that are not widely accepted as ‘normal’.

Along with being hard work, it can be an isolating experience, can’t it? Especially after you’ve been navigating it a while and the shine has worn off for your friends.

It is completely human to stumble in your efforts.

In fact, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t!

Back in mid-2016, I had strayed a little too far from my personal AIP way of life to be comfortable. I knew that I had exceeded my personal ‘wiggle room’ threshold and my body was telling me about it. I had a need to recalibrate, to take things back to basics, to (re)find my AIP groove.

And, let me be clear – it was not the first time I had strayed from my personalised AIP framework. But, I had never talked about it so publicly before. (I didn’t fully comprehend the power of vulnerability back then!)

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection and the path to the feeling of worthiness. If it doesn’t feel vulnerable, the sharing is probably not constructive.” – Brené Brown

Thanks, Brené.

When I mentioned my need to ‘reset’ to fellow AIPers, it quickly became apparent that this was an idea that resonated with many. At the time, there was an increasing number of resources to support people starting out on AIP, the ‘newbies’. But, for those who were more seasoned – not so much.

AIP - Fall Down Seven Times

Seasoned AIPers have different challenges to those who are just starting their AIP caper…

When you’ve been navigating an AIP way of life for a while, you’ve picked yourself up more than once. And, you can usually identify with many of the following:-

  • It’s no longer just about the elimination phase of the diet. You understand the importance of nutrient density and adding more good stuff. While you may need to tweak your diet to meet your personal needs, you have a good understanding of what you should and shouldn’t be eating.
  • You have a strong grasp of why mindfulness is important, even if finding a personal stress management protocol is still a work in progress. Often, you’re beginning to realise just how much of a factor this may be for you. You try to get outside into nature regularly.
  • Learning to practice more self-compassion is likely a topic that you are aware needs some attention. You’re good at giving to other people; not as good at putting yourself first.
  • You are striving to find your personal ‘movement’ balance. You know that this is just as much about getting enough incidental movement into your day at it is about cardio. In fact, it is even possible that you have eased off on the cardio while you give yourself the chance to heal.
  • While your quality and quantity of sleep may still be challenging you, you have a clear knowledge of why sleep matters. You know this is a priority if you want to get healthy.
  • You’re aware of the need to surround yourself with a good support team. This may be a tricky area for you – nobody understands what you’re going through quite like someone else who is also navigating AIP. (The camaraderie you find in AIP Reset is the best reason to join the program.)

Back in 2016, when I first created AIP Reset, I had no idea that it would become something that resonated for so many seasoned AIPers who were looking to (re)find their AIP groove. At the time, I seriously underestimated the power of connecting with a community of like-minded people walking a similar path.

I don’t underestimate it anymore.

AIP Reset remains an inclusive, informative and encouraging place for seasoned AIPers to get back into their AIP caper – be it the second, eighth or eighty-eighth time they have got back up.

Come and join AIP Reset and see what you can achieve with your AIP goals.



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