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Introducing: AIP Pantry (for Aussie and Kiwi AIPers)!

I am so very pleased to bring you today’s introduction to AIP Pantry, an online health food store offering a range of AIP compliant, anti-inflammatory products for those of us Down Under who are following the AIP way of life. THIS has been a long time coming!

But, it’s not limited to AIPers. AIP Pantry is for people seeking clean, healthy foods that don’t contain any nasty additives.

I sat down with the very gorgeous Kimberley – founder of AIP Pantry, fellow AIPer and entrepreneur to get the skinny on her wonderful new venture…

Hello, Kimberley! Can you begin with a little on your autoimmune story?

Back in 2012, when I was in my in my mid-20’s, I was finally diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome after many, many years of feeling unwell and unexplained emergency admissions. It was such a long road to get a diagnosis, but once I did, I was given medication and NSAIDS to manage my symptoms and was sent on my way. My Rheumatologist didn’t even mention it was an autoimmune disease. For a number of years, I didn’t know any different and took the pills which helped reduce some of my symptoms but it didn’t give back my life as I had hoped. Every few months I would experience terrible flares, and the ongoing fatigue continued to prevent me from participating in normal activities.

Despite this, I was growing more concerned about the long-term impacts of my medication on my kidneys and eyesight so I told my Rheumatologist that I would like to slowly reduce my medication in an attempt to see how I would go without it. What he said next absolutely stumped me. He said, “You will be on them for the rest of your life, there is no cure”.

I simply couldn’t accept that and thought there must be more that I could do to look after myself enough to manage the symptoms without nasty drugs.

That’s when I started to explore alternative solutions and stumbled across the Autoimmune Wellness Podcast by Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt, which absolutely changed my life. After two days of listening to their podcast, I went cold turkey and started the Autoimmune Protocol. Within a couple of weeks, I found incredible pain relief and got my energy back. Not only did I change my diet, but I also implemented lifestyle changes as well as managing my sleep and stress, to help improve my symptoms. I am not yet off my main medication but I have stopped taking the NSAIDS, which is amazing, and I’m so much healthier and happier. It has also really improved my mental health and wellbeing as well.

How did AIP Pantry come about?

AIP Pantry came about out of frustration of spending so much time reading labels in grocery stores only to find there were ingredients I couldn’t have. I discovered some great online AIP stores in the U.S., but they either don’t ship to Australia or it’s really expensive, so I decided to create an AIP specialty store online for our local AIP community here in Australia and New Zealand.

What is your vision for the business?

My vision for AIP Pantry is to be more than just an online AIP grocery store. The AIP way of life is more than just following a diet. It’s about living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that promotes healing and wellness, so I envision AIP Pantry also expanding to offering natural and organic lifestyle products in the future so it encompasses the whole AIP way of life.

I also want to see AIP Pantry contribute to the growth of the AIP community in Australia and New Zealand and bring our community together through community catch-ups.

Who will benefit from AIP Pantry? Is it just for AIPers?

While the core intention of AIP Pantry is to serve our AIP community, the fantastic thing about the AIP Pantry shop is that it can benefit anyone who is looking for healthy, clean food. This is particularly true for those living with allergies, as our product range does not include the most common allergens such as gluten, soy, egg, nuts and dairy. AIP Pantry is also great for those following Paleo and Wahl’s Protocol diets.

What are your current favourite products?

I’m also a BIG fan of Turbo Snacks products!

My two favourite products at the moment are Honest to Goodness’s Coconut Aminos and Turbo Snacks Plaintain Chips because they are both so versatile.

Coconut Aminos is a fantastic soy-sauce replacement and I use it in my stir-fries and bakes, as well as in dressings. I also really love Turbo Snacks Plaintain Chips* because not only are they a great crunchy snack, but I also use them for AIP nachos and crush them up to make AIP chicken schnitzel.

You are based in Australia. Where do you ship to?

We currently ship across Australia and New Zealand

I know you’re a fan of the wider AIP community. Can you share an AIP recipe that you’re loving at the moment?

I am currently really enjoying the recipes over at Unbound Wellness. Michelle is continuously working hard to create delicious new recipes every week.

My personal favourite recipe I cannot get enough of is her General Tso Asian Chicken Wings. Honey Soy Chicken Wings were one of my favourite things before I went AIP, and these are just as delicious and more-ish. They are also great because I often make a batch for a party or family gathering and everyone else enjoys them as well.

(Michelle also has a recently published and #bloodyfabulous cookbook – The Autoimmune Protocol Comfort Food Cookbook)

Thanks so much, Kimberley!

Now, I know this AIP caper is a smidge smaller down under than up there in the northern hemisphere (for now, at least!). The very best way for us to ensure AIP Pantry is a success is to support Kimberley.

Head on over to AIP Pantry and check out all the scrummy goodies on offer. And, when you subscribe, you’ll receive a $5 discount off your first order for your efforts.

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Oh my goodness I have been looking for a site like this for ages! Thank you so much for starting this site – I also looked at all these US sites that have fabulous AIP products but don’t ship to Australia. Now all we need here is an AIP meal plan delivery program (I can only hope!)

Isn’t it fabulous, Sally? I think Kimberley is #bloodyfabulous for taking this venture on herself. What a trooper!

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