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10 SOUPTASTIC Soup Recipes to Add to Your Collection (AIP/Paleo)

10 Soup Recipes

10 Soup Recipes

10 SOUPTASTIC Soup Recipes!

“Good manners: The noise you don’t make when you’re eating soup.” – Bennett Cerf

I am a BIG SOUPer. I love soup. I love it in a mug, in a bowl, on it’s own, as a base for a bowl of all sorts of goodies.

I love it for a snack, for lunch, as a pre-dinner amuse-bouche, for dinner-proper, and even for breakfast.

In the summer I love it cold. In the winter I love it hot.

I love that it’s a great way to get more nutrient density into my diet. Quickly and effectively.

I. Love. Soup.

And while I love many soups, I have a particular fondness for smooth soups. Soups that have been puréed…

It turns out that there is a good reason I love soups like this. The Paleo Mom has a fab’ article on ‘The Soup-rising Benefits of Souping‘. In it, she explains that “the smaller particle size of  food in smooth soup leads to more rapid delivery of nutrients to the small intestine.”

It’s an EXTRA great way to maximise nutrient density! BONUS!

So, today – I’m sharing some of the soup recipes that are on high rotation at my place. Soups that taste great, are full of nutrients and easy to put together… Just click on the picture to be taken to the recipe!


Chilled Lettuce Soup
‘Chilled Out’ Summer Lettuce Soup
JFC Root Vegetable Soup
My FAVOURITE Root Vegetable Soup
(An AIP-friendly version of the soup I grew up on)
AIP Watercress Soup
‘Gotta Be Good For You’ Watercress and Apple Soup
Cauliflower Soup
HEARTY Cauliflower and Leek Soup with Crispy Bacon Bits
*with just 4 ingredients + seasoning
Chicken and Vegetable Soup
WORLD FAMOUS (at my place) Super Power Chicken Soup
Green Machine Soup
Green Machine Swiss Chard, Sweet Potato and Zucchini Soup
What to do with the leftover Christmas ham bone
‘Everything But the Kitchen Sink’ Ham Bone Broth & Vegetable Soup
Korean Beef and Seaweed Soup
KOREAN Beef and Seaweed Soup
Roasted Artichoke Soup
RAKISH Jerusalem Artichoke and Parsnip Soup
JFC Trifecta Soup!
Herb Soup with Smoked Trout

E N J O Y !


Want endless soup options for tasty, seasonal and nutrient dense soups? Download my WORLD FAMOUS (well, at my place, it is!) free JFC Soup Equation eBook…

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