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Aled Lewis Gives Toys a Snarky Story

Aled Lewis Toy Stories Series - Some Similarities
‘Some Similarities’ by Aled Lewis
(Image © Aled Lewis)

I know I’ve got a degree. Why does that mean I have to spend my life with intellectuals? I’ve got a lifesaving certificate but I don’t spend my evenings diving for a rubber brick with my pyjamas on.” (Victoria Wood)

What is it about the English and their humour? For some reason, it just seems to resonate…

With that in mind, have you come across the slightly kooky yet clever world of Aled Lewis, yet? He may not be a comedian in the traditional sense, but I reckon’ he’s a pretty clever social commentator. His ‘Toy Stories’ series is bound to give you a lift. Promise.

According to his bio, Aled is a “designer, illustrator and author based in London“. A life-long gamer, he is influenced and inspired by comics, film and television — and this shows in much of his work. The speech bubbles he adds to each of his toy images are insightful and funny.

Which one’s your favourite?

Aled Lewis Toy Stories Series - Body Double
‘Body Double’ by Aled Lewis
(Image © Aled Lewis)
Aled Lewis Toy Stories Series - La Mode
‘La Mode’ by Aled Lewis
(Image © Aled Lewis)
Aled Lewis Toy Stories Series - Born This Way
‘Born This Way’ by Aled Lewis
(Image © Aled Lewis)
Aled Lewis Toy Stories Series - Murder Mystery
‘Murder Mystery’ by Aled Lewis
(Image © Aled Lewis)
Aled Lewis Toy Stories Series - Holy Cow
‘Holy Cow’ by Aled Lewis
(Image © Aled Lewis)
Aled Lewis Toy Stories Series - Maybe Next Year
‘Maybe Next Year’ by Aled Lewis
(Image © Aled Lewis)
Aled Lewis Toy Stories Series - Lonely Wolf
‘Lonely Wolf’ by Aled Lewis
(Image © Aled Lewis)
Aled Lewis Toy Stories Series - Grounded
‘Grounded’ by Aled Lewis
(Image © Aled Lewis)
Aled Lewis Toy Stories Series - Competitive Advantage
‘Competitive Advantage’ by Aled Lewis
(Image © Aled Lewis)

Aled is currently completing work on his first published solo project, a book called ‘Toy Confidential: The Secret Life of Snarky Toys’, which is due to be released before this Christmas. He started creating these wonderful images as a personal project for his own amusement, and then found it began to develop a life of its own. The toy stories have all been created with figurines that Aled bought in toy stores, found on eBay and was given by friends.

If you would like to see more of Aled Lewis’ funky ‘Toy Stories’, check out his gallery here. Selected gallery-quality giclée art prints of this series are available to buy from here.

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Comments (39)

Fantastic. See I told you you make my bus journey to work bearable! They completely appeal to my warp sense of humour! Love the murderer amongst us and holy cow! But especiall love competitive advantage!

Mine too, BCD! I think I’m leaning towards ‘Competitive Advantage’ as well, but its a tough choice.

Glad this post made the trek to work a little more bearable in this rain… 🙂 Have a great day, chickadee!

These are cool i blogged about it before as well 🙂

Oops – I overlooked your post, A+. Hope you don’t mind that we shared the love…:-)

You find the best things….my fave is the giraffe/dinosaur !

They are cool, aren’t they, D? I’d like a series of them, I think. Just love ’em. 🙂

I think so, too! Trying to work out if my extremely bright and gifted 7 year old nephew would like some for his bedroom wall. (I’m not biased!) 🙂

Hey, you have a right to be biased. I bet he would.

Woman, you type like the wind… Even Superman could learn a thing or two about speed from you! 🙂

That is so funny. If I am right there when someone comments, I can type a pretty quick reply. I think my typing speed has increased dramatically since I started blogging.

LOVE. THESE.!!!!! This is one of my favorite posts you’ve done. He definitely appeals to my quirky sense of humor. I can’t pick a fave!

So glad you LOVE.THESE. WIM2S… I do too. Clever and funny – winning combo in my book! 🙂

These really made me laugh.

Gotta’ be happy about that, Lady Fi! 🙂

The flying one is my favorite, but they are all good – sort of thinking person’s humour. Saw you were a fellow Sydney sider so I had to stop by and say hello.

So glad you did! Cheers Judy. 🙂 As a Kiwi, I appreciate that one especially. I think my favourite has to be the last one, though… “Competitive Advantage”

I like the Wolf, because he is singing (not because of what he is singing).

Why does that not surprise me, Singing Man?

Hilarious and very clever, personally I like the stunt swan and pony act 🙂

Aled is a clever man, isn’t he? Happy you liked ’em, 2BD 🙂

Brilliant! These are so great. I especially love Body Double and Murder Mystery. Hilarious & just what the doctor ordered today, thanks TSL! 🙂

My pleasure, Sparks. Reading between the lines, sounds like a tough day at the office. Hope today is a better one for you, HR Chickster. 🙂

Did you see the Jurassic Park “Clever Girl” one?

Hey Lexie! – Yes! I could only put so many into the post (it was a lottery – they’re all so fab’!) 🙂

These are just cute and quirky to a ‘T’, J! I can’t pick a fave but I love the vibe – what fun!

Such a simple idea, and so brilliantly executed, I reckon’, S. Hope the rain has stopped at your end. Still threatening here. 🙂

Wonderful. I smiled all the way through the pics, and that can’t be bad!

He’s a fellow country-man, Jo. You guys are a clever bunch! 🙂

Loved them all! So cheeky! I like Grounded and Body Double best..xx

Great aren’t they, LXAX? Happy you enjoyed the post! I’ll swap you your two favourites for an imaginary friend…? I thought they were just
B R I L L I A N T !

These remind me a lot of Liliana Porter’s figurine photographs in that they both play with different sorts of humor. By comparison, I think these are less cruel and more cheeky. Great post!

Oooh – thanks for the tip, Procured. I shall have to go and check out Liliana’s work. 🙂

So many winners here Syders – love this sense of humour. Love the echidna, the unicorn one, the zebra! So funny! Oh, and the emu/ostrich is a great one! And the Steroids budgies – awesome. This has a great quirk factor. Thanks for sharing Syders!

He has a wonderful sense of humour, doesn’t he? I love them too, M 🙂

I think I have to buy his book. Just looked at the ‘International departures’ one again. I wonder if those birdies travel cattle class? 🙂 I need to watch more British TV!

Kiwis prefer to travel at the pointy end 🙂 (Not sure about the others!)

that’s a great response Syders! Maybe you can contribute that beaky/pointy tips as a “bubble burst’ for the book.

MARVELLOUS idea, M! – Wonder how Aled will feel about it…?

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