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Anna Garforth’s ‘Guerilla Gardener’ Graffiti Grows On You…

Image of Street Artist Banksy's 'Park'
‘Park’ by Banksy (Los Angeles)
(Image from here)

A wall is a very big weapon. It’s one of the nastiest things you can hit someone with.(Banksy)

The word ‘graffiti’ stems from the Italian word graffiato, meaning scratched. It can range from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings and it has existed since ancient times. It often has a reputation for being part of a sub-culture that rebels against authority, and certainly, artists like Banksy have used it as a tool to spread their point of view in a clever and satirical manner*.

While I am certainly a fan of Banksy’s work, I’m loving this new trend of ‘green graffiti’ installations. It ticks all the boxes for me – quirky, clever, the tiniest bit subversive AND it’s environmentally friendly.

Anna Garforth is one artist who is worth a squizz when it comes to the growing art (ha!) of green graffiti. An artist who works with a diverse range of mediums, I reckon’ her wonderful moss typography pieces are just sublime.

Her ‘Grow’ moss typography adorns the wall of a secret spot she found in London behind locked gates in a disused plot awaiting the arrival of new flats… 

'Grow' - Green Graffiti by Anna Garforth
‘Grow’ – Green Graffiti by Anna Garforth
(Image © Anna Garforth)
Close Up of 'Grow' - Green Graffiti by Anna Garforth
‘Grow’ (Close Up) – Green Graffiti by Anna Garforth
(Image © Anna Garforth)

‘Spore Borne’ was Garforth’s first experiment in moss writing. She is quoting from a poem written by Elenor Stevens…

'Spore Borne' - Green Graffiti by Anna Garforth
‘Spore Borne’ – Green Graffiti by Anna Garforth
(Image © Anna Garforth)
Close Up of 'Spore Borne' - Green Graffiti by Anna Garforth
‘Spore Borne’ (Close Up) – Green Graffiti by Anna Garforth
(Image © Anna Garforth)

Although I suspect there is slightly more to Anna Garforth’s gorgeous installations, if you are just the slightest bit tempted to try your hand at green graffiti, wikihow has a great wee tutorial on just how to do it!

You can learn more about the very talented Anna Garforth’s typographical work here

I shall leave you today with some good, old-fashioned bathroom wall graffiti…

I was here but now I’m gone
I left my name to carry on
Those who liked me
Liked me well
Those who didn’t can go to hell
(E.M. Crane)

* If you haven’t seen Banksy’s ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop‘, it’s an absolute winner. Seriously clever.

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Comments (23)

Now that is my type of graffiti, typography for the garden. Love it…. Although not sure how I would go with my green fingers ( or lack there of) 🙂

I totally agree, BCD. In my mind, I’m conjuring up all sorts of amazing green graffiti. The reality would be oh so different – I can’t even keep my herb garden going.

Love, love, love, love this post! That is seriously beautiful and innovative – I wonder if this can be done with flowers? How pretty would that be?! I really like that LA graffiti – I think we are on the same wavelength as I am posting soon about street art in LA 🙂

Oooh – I look forward to that post! Have you seen ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, Marina? If not, I think you would love it, particularly with your interest in street art. It’s a very clever piece of film making.

I haven’t but I definitely will look at it! Great post Syders. As usual, love your finds – you are quite the curator 😉

THAT has officially made my day! Thanks, M. Off to fail at crochet 101, now…

haha! I look forward to seeing your new crochet piece. You need to make a collage of your works at the end of the course. It will be a timeline that will end with a gorgeous bedspread i bet! have fun!

Wow, I love this- had never heard of it before. I also love banksy but did not know about the movie – will have to look for it. (you are certainly opening my eyes to some new things!) How about some knit graffiti – this is something I have heard of.

C – if I ever learn to crochet like you, I may think about yarn bombing… !

Nice! Love this 🙂 Will definitely watch that Banksy movie too, thanks for the tip!

It’s a great movie, T. Extremely clever, in a most Banksy kind of way…

Very cool, TSL! I do love that Banksy ‘Park’ wall, but this garden graffiti is a new (to me, anyways) kind of clever – love it! 🙂

I reckon’ it’s clever, too. Wish I had a wall to practice on, Sparks!

Gosh, I love the whimsy in this idea! It’s fabulous! I will definitely have to check out the film!

WIM2S – I love the green graffiti, too. Such a wonderful idea. A small warning – Banksy’s film is not whimsical. It is clever, gritty, and a tiny bit scary in its social commentary.

That sounds intriguing, but thanks for the warning!

I think you would like it. He’s not for the more conservative among us, tho’… He pokes at ‘group think’.

As you will find from today’s post, whenever I clean it up enough to publish it, I am not exactly conservative.

THAT I had worked out all by my wee self, Texas Girl! 🙂

And to think I almost missed this one..this is magical! I totally adore this! 🙂

Lovely, isn’t it? Imagine having some green graffiti in your garden – wouldn’t that be a conversation starter?

High tech version of Chia Pet, Chia Wall, pretty cool

Hutch, I had to look that up! You are so right, tho’! Cheers for stopping by. 🙂

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