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Bird & Wolfe Are Ones to Watch

Stack of Drawers by Bird & Wolfe
Stack of Drawers by Bird & Wolfe
£2,100 – but also available as single units
(Image from Bird & Wolfe)

My July edition of Elle Decoration arrived in the post a few days ago. Oh happy day! I’m a wee bit of a Design mag’ groupie, but I do think this one is my favourite. At least, until the next one arrives it is. Fickle, moi? 

Flicking through, trying to source inspiration for LM’s birthday (and failing miserably), I came across this most-covetable beauty – the Stack of Drawers by Bird & Wolfe.

According to the good people at Bird & Wolfe, their Stack of Drawers are a “unique piece of modular furniture crafted in London, utilising restored antique drawers. The stackable carcasses are hand painted and finished with solid brass fittings” And, they are also available to order in individual units. I think I’m in love…

Stack of Drawers by Bird & Wolfe
Stack of Drawers by Bird & Wolfe (Close Up)
(Image from Bird & Wolfe)

Don’t you think there is a synergy here with the Ptolomeo book stand?

And, if that wasn’t enough, when I checked out the Bird & Wolfe website I fell madly in love with this guy…

Chair Bear by Bird and Wolfe
Chair Bear by Bird and Wolfe
Size: Approximately 200cm x 200cm
(Image from Bird & Wolfe)

Sometimes, I wish I still lived in the UK (sigh).

If you’d like to learn (a teensy) bit more about Bird & Wolfe, check out their website here.

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Comments (26)

Wow, a true mix of contemporary and traditonal craftsmanship. Lovely.
I wonder if they do a pink version of the bear chair?

I think, if you are paying that much, you could probably ask for a polka-dot version… 🙂

You guys have plenty of great stuff down under too…!

Oh LXAX – this is so very true. It’s just such a long way… and, there’s some truth to the grass always being greener.

You don’t see locks on draws much these days, I remember when there were locks on all draws on furniture in the bedrooms, although I’m sure most people lost the keys. 😀

These drawers are all up-cycled, Mags. I wonder if they come with keys…?

I assumed they would seeing there is a key hole for a key. 😀

That’s one giant bear! Love the shelves 🙂 I am a magazine addict too. I wonder the best way to store magazines Syders? Mine are stacked on the floor, and in magazine files but it looks so boring. Suggestions?

Yogi M – YES! – here’s the answer. Check out the Hockenheimer…

(I have exactly the same problem.)

Interesting, do you have those? Don’t think it would work for me cos i reference my magazines often, so need to have them accessible to pull out and put back. I have a magazine rack… way too small. Crate and Barrel wasn’t up to speed with my voluminous stash of zines 🙂

Ha! That’s funny! Marina – I am nowhere near that organised… I have piles of them randomly placed through the living areas of the house. Periodically (and spasmodically) I will go through a purging phase. This usually results in me finding I need to revisit old editions. I bet Shira is MUCH better at purging her old mags…

I totally hear you on this: “Periodically (and spasmodically) I will go through a purging phase. This usually results in me finding I need to revisit old editions.” SO TRUE!

What cool-looking drawers.

I like them, Fi’. Glad you do, too!

What a fantastic design… Love combo of grainy wood and white…

Me too, B. I like the recycled with the fresh white paint. Just lovely.

Those drawrs are fabulous J! I would totally have those in my house if I could! How quirky and cool are they?

You know, Shira – there is a ‘Shira-esque’ quality to these (in my mind, anyway). They are design-forward but also up-cycled… All class, my friend.

Wow, J! That is very flattering *blushing*.. I’ll take it! They would look right at home here … though they might get waterlogged eventually… 😉 Too cool!

Yes, Bird & Wolfe, all very good – but what about another pairing, a little something I like to call Health & Safety? TSL, those drawers are an accident waiting to happen, young lady. And that bear? That bear would haunt your dreams with its oversized beariness. There, have I helped to talk you out of them? They are gorgeous – even a couple of those drawers would be fab…not to mention safer…and nicer to the bank balance… 😉

Oh Sparks – I need you at my side when I go shopping… You can my very own voice of reason!

I WANT those drawers. Maybe I can make some myself since I obviously have great carpentry skills!

YES! Is Texas closer than London…? I do believe it is. Maybe I can place an order?

I have just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award, for details on what to do go to my post at

Cheers Hutch! And, congrats on your award!

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