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Blog Stalking the Purl Bee and D.I.Y. Gifts…

Purl Bee Embroidered Stockings from Molly's Sketchbook
Purl Bee Embroidered Stockings from Molly’s Sketchbook
Now, see – I would start these for my nephews and niece AND they would have left home by the time I finish them…
(Image from Purl Bee)

It’s getting toward that time of year again. You know – when you start getting that Christmassy feeling. Even down here in the heat of the southern hemisphere, I turn the tiniest bit hausfrau on poor old LM. I start planning home-made goodies – my granola (made from a secret recipe) is a tradition for one friend, my Mum’s Christmas mince tart recipe is legend, and this year I think some apricot balls and rum balls are in order, too. Maybe.

I start making lists and wanting to discuss Christmas plans with LMwhich turns him the tiniest bit green. LM is not a social planner kind of guy. He is more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, she’ll-be-alright-on-the-night, any-more-laid-back-I’ll-fall-over kind of guy. In this matter, we are very different.

And, then there is the gift list. It is fair to say that I love buying presents for people. I spend considerable time thinking about what to buy (or in the case of granola girl – make) for my nearest and dearest. It makes me happy. Now, don’t laugh, but I have already made some headway into this year’s list.

Sadly, there is also a tiny problem. Deep, deep down at my very core, there beats the heart of a girl who wants to show her love and affection by making something from scratch. All good, you say. Unfortunately, there’s a rub – I always bite off more than I can chew, get super caught up in the whirlwind that is the silly season, and then fail to finish my chosen made from scratch present. Consequently, the quilt I started making for Mum and Dad’s beach house TWO YEARS AGO, remains incomplete. The amazing embroidered cushion I started for my sister BEFORE SHE MET THE MAN SHE NOW LIVES WITH is lying half-finished in the spare room cupboard. I could go on.

All of this brings me to the real subject of this post – the Purl Bee. My first port of call when I am looking for inspiration for made from scratch, DIY gifts. For the uninitiated, the Purl Bee is a very tasty craft blog created by Purl Soho, the most fabulous shop in New York, where they publish ideas for you to knit, crochet, sew, stitch and more!

If you happen to be a regular TSL reader, you will know that I cannot knit. It is simply not in me to learn. Clearly, I missed that particular gene when Mum was handing them out.  I gave crochet a good bash (as evidenced here), but it seems I am destined to fail at that craft, as well – despite my teacher telling me she could teach anyone*. I must have been the exception that proves the rule. But I can stitch after a fashion, AND I have a sewing machine and I sort of know how to use it (although, I’m no seamstress).

I trawl through the wonderful projects and tutorials on the Purl Bee and my imagination goes wild with ideas for future unfinished, made from scratch, DIY gifts…

Purl Bee Big Red Bobbi Bear from Colourful Crafting with Jen
Purl Bee Big Red Bobbi Bear from Colourful Crafting with Jen
I know, I know – but I can dream…
(Image from Purl Bee)
Purl Bee Flannel Receiving Blankets from Laura's Loop
Purl Bee Flannel Receiving Blankets from Laura’s Loop
I reckon I could possibly just about master these, only I would like them in brighter colours…
(Image from Purl Bee)
Purl Bee Loop de Loop Pillows from Molly's Sketchbook
Purl Bee Loop de Loop Pillows from Molly’s Sketchbook
Now these, I’m confident I could do
(Image from Purl Bee)
Purl Bee Hand Sewn Felt Dolls by Mimi Kirchner
Purl Bee Hand Sewn Felt Dolls by Mimi Kirchner
How divine are these?
(Image from Purl Bee)
Purl Bee Felted Wool Patchwork Throw
Purl Bee Felted Wool Patchwork Throw
Now, see – who has a Nordic looking bedroom that tidy? Not me.
(Image from Purl Bee)
Purl Bee Hand-stitched Napkins from Molly's Sketchbook
Purl Bee Handstitched Napkins from Molly’s Sketchbook
These, I could definitely manage!
(Image from Purl Bee)
Purl Soho Super Easy Baby Blanket
Purl Soho Super Easy Baby Blanket
So easy that I can’t make it… But I SO want to!
(Image from Purl Bee)

If you would like to be inspired by Purl Bee and potential unfinished, made from scratch, DIY gifts, go and check out the site here. It is GORGEOUS!

*If you’re interested, I have moved on to yoga, and I’m better at that than I thought I would be. Go figure!

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Comments (16)

Great post Syders – especially the yoga part. Would love to hear how you’re liking it! Love the idea of a DIY – especially the rum balls 😉 One year, I bought my whole family gifts from That site had be at ‘obssessed’!!!

M – I am surprising even myself with how much I am enjoying the Iyengar yoga. I jump out of bed on yoga morning full of energy and, despite also having a 90 minute session at the gym later in the day, I feel full of vim & vigour! Could be dangerous, my friend!

a ‘good’ dangerous Syders!

Ok now, i know you are really stuck on what to get me….. but I can make things really easy for you….. I WANT THAT TEDDY….. !!!! Hint hint hint

BCD, as much as I would love to whip you up a red ted’, it simply ain’t happening, my friend. I CAN’T KNIT!!! (not even for you!)

Ah….that might create a few stumbling blocks then!!!

I could draw you a picture of one, BCD. May not be quite the same…

It is the thought that counts 🙂

So do I. You offering to make me one?

I’m not so crafty but have a friend that will love that website and be inspired by all the wonderful ideas. I tried Yoga once, quite enjoyed it however just can’t find the time to add yoga classes to the schedule – sounds like you’re having a great time though 🙂

2BD – have to admit, its the 1st time I have ‘got’ yoga. Possibly because I did my research beforehand AND have gone to a beginners class at a reputable studio.

Now this is my kind of stuff. Am I too old for that bear??

J – You are NEVER too old for a ted’…

Ha ha. I just looked at the pictures and went to the site because I thought these were gifts. You actually have to make these! So sad. I really liked that bear…..

I do, too. I’m hoping some blogger-who-knits will offer to make me one… 🙂

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