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Blog-world Friendship and Klockwerks

Exploding Alarm Clock by Klockwerks
Exploding Alarm Clock by Klockwerks
(Image from Klockwerks)

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. (Bertrand Russell)

I have a friend. She is a blogging friend. We have never met – in fact she lives in Texas, so it is somewhat likely we never will. I don’t know what she looks like (Possibly, Jennifer Anniston?). I don’t even know her name. I do know she is a forty-something mother and teacher living in San Antonio.  I do know that despite the fact that she writes a hugely engaging blog, she hates giving personal details about herself, so she is happy to have her readers fill in any blanks with their imaginations. I don’t think she knows how vivid my imagination can be…

Oh – and I also know she is very funny. At times laugh out loud. You should go and check out her blog. You can find it at WHATIMEANT2SAY. It might even behoove you to read WHATIMEANT2 NAME EVERYONE, too. It explains who Dimples and Wonderbutt and Cap’n Firepants are.

Anyhoo, my anonymous Texan blog buddy sent me a link to Klockwerks. I clicked and found the whimsical world of Roger Wood – clock sculptor. It’s kinda’ wild.

Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time. (Abraham Lincoln)

According to his bio, Roger Wood creates with time in mind. Yet even though the clock can be a consistent element of his work, it’s often secondary to its creation. Whether it’s a curious timepiece or a unique assemblage, Wood thrives on working with an immeasurable array of findings from the tarnished and forgotten to the odd or intriguing. He is a devoted collector of usual and unusual objects with one thing in common, a history.

Apparently, the source of all Roger’s inspiration lies in the hundreds of curiously labelled drawers and boxes brimming with artifacts of all description that line the shelves of his Toronto studio. He plays with an arrangement from his myriad of treasures until the precise moment that it feels right. Then he glues them all down so they can’t escape.

The result is quite magical…

Shoe Mold Clock by Kclockwerks
Shoe Mold Clock by Klockwerks
(Image from Klockwerks)
Clock in Glass Box by Klcokwerks
Clock in Glass Box by Klockwerks
(Image from Klockwerks)
Big Brassy Clock by Klockwerks
Big Brassy Clock by Klockwerks
(Image from Klockwerks)
Steampunk Mantle Clock by Klockwerks
Steampunk Mantle Clock by Klockwerks
(Image from Klockwerks)

If you’d like to see more of Roger Wood’s creations, check out his website here.

By the way – I’ll be in New Zealand for the next few days, so my communication and response times may be a little more intermittent than usual.

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Comments (11)

They are really whimsical and fun….I like the one in the glass case. What is the significance of the Campbells soup can TSL?

Hi BCD – I suspect the Campbells soup can is in the shot to provide a frame of reference as to size. At least, that’s what I have told myself.

aha… that would make sense!

Sharon Lewandowski

Thank you once again , if I didn’t have so much work to do I’d be spending the next hour reading WHATIMEANT2SAY…’s wonderful! A teacher too! Floats all my boats. Oh and I’m really glad bird cage design asked about the soup can, was thinking the same. Enjoy NZ

Pleasure Sharon! Happy to share the fab’ world of WIM2S – I love how blogging can connect people from around the world.

LM just preparing to take me out to breakfast before the airport run. Hope all is good at your end.

These are cool, TSL. I especially like the shoe mold one. And thanks to BCD for asking about the can – I had almost convinced myself that it was some artistic flair that I didn’t appreciate, or that it was linked to the prices. CAN $, get it?! Safe travels and have a lovely trip to NZ. 🙂

That shoe in the box is awesome but I’m just happy somebody else is slow like me and didn’t understand the significance of the soup!

You are so awesome! You totally made my day! When I sent you the link, I certainly wasn’t expecting such a fabulous review! I hope you have an amazing time on your trip!

It is true – I have moments of awesome-ness. In this case, though – I am attempting to assist you in reaching your goal of 2 million readers. Besides, I love your blog.

It’s raining here.

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