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Brock Davis Shows How To Draw An Elephant and More…

'How to Draw an Elephant' by Brock Davis
‘How to Draw an Elephant’ by Brock Davis
(Image © Brock Davis)

Here in TSL world, we are often caught saying, “where did they come up with that idea?” Well, today is no exception…  I have no idea what Brock David is drinking over there in Minneapolis, but I seriously want some of whatever it is. Describing himself as an Art Director, Creative Director, Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Photographer and Creative Thinker (clearly a man who doesn’t want to be pigeon holed), this guy is a multidisciplinary genius with a seriously conceptual mind coupled with a great sense of humour.

If you haven’t yet come across him, for the past 17 years Brock has worked in the advertising industry, clearly as a ‘creative’. He’s currently group creative director at Carmichael Lynch, but he has a few other strings to his bow as well.

In 2009 he challenged himself to make something cool every day. The need to create something no matter what meant that, inevitably, some days were better than others. But they all went up on the web. Have a look at some of his creations:

'Rules' by Brock Davis
‘Rules’ by Brock Davis
(Image © Brock Davis)
'Shattered Banana Peel' by Brock Davis
‘Shattered Banana Peel’ by Brock Davis
(Image © Brock Davis)
'Decowpitation' by Brock Davis
‘Decowpitation’ by Brock Davis
Even the name is clever!
(Image © Brock Davis)
'Okey-Dokey' by Brock Davis
‘Okey-Dokey’ by Brock Davis
(Image © Brock Davis)
Fatal Paper Airplane Crash by Brock Davis
‘Fatal Paper Airplane Crash’ by Brock Davis
(Image © Brock Davis)
'FYI' by Brock Davis
‘FYI’ by Brock Davis
(Image © Brock Davis)
'Cup Lid Faces' by Brock Davis
‘Cup Lid Faces’ by Brock Davis
(Image © Brock Davis)
'Shark' by Brock Davis
‘Shark’ by Brock Davis
(Image © Brock Davis)

More recently, here are a few other projects he has come up with:

'Exhibitionist Coffee Cup' by Brock Davis
‘Exhibitionist Coffee Cup’ by Brock Davis
Apparently, this was a random/goofy idea Brock had while he should have been working on a client brief. He says, “This was quite easy to make. Cut the coffee sleeve in half and tape it to back of cup. Cut a section from the back of the cup to make the hands. Tape it all together and draw a creepy face. Place it on a table in your local coffee shop and see how people react.”
(Image © Brock Davis)
'Gummy Bearskin Rug' by Brock Davis
‘Gummy Bearskin Rug’ by Brock Davis
(Image © Brock Davis)
'Rudy' by Brock Davis
‘Rudy’ by Brock Davis
(Image © Brock Davis)
'Broccoli House' by Brock Davis
‘Broccoli House’ by Brock Davis
Who needs Ed Sheeran’s ‘Lego House’ when you have your very own Broccoli House? Brock wasn’t able to build his son a real treehouse, so he built him this broccoli house instead. Made with balsa wood.
(Image © Brock Davis)

If you’d like to check out more of Brock Davis’ amazing, wild and wacky work, he is active on almost every social media site you can think of. You can access it all through here.

He also sells t-shirts and prints. Told you he was versatile!

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Comments (28)

He should have called it “Brockoli House”! I love “Decowpitation” – and all of the others, too!

Who does that? Who thinks ‘Gee – my son can’t have a tree house. Oh! I’ll build him one out of balsa wood and broccoli!’

Just awesome.

How great are they? I too love the broccoli house, as well as the tongue in cheek of the gummy bear rug and FYI…. fantastic.. Thank you for sharing another fab post as always. 🙂

My pleasure, BCD. Really, we should be thanking the very talented Mr Davis. Such an amazing mind!

These are all so cool – I love ad creatives! The gummi bearskin rug (sticky!), the poor Cup Lid Face (I feel its pain, kind of) and how cool the turtle with the for sale sign – that shell is so not for sale! I think your first image is quite the attention grabber 😉 Great post Syders!

Hey Brooklyn Babe (had to find something to go with your ‘Syders’ moniker for me! What do you think?)

I thought the elephant was quite the attention grabber, too! AND I thought the turtle shell was just brilliant. I’m in awe of people like Brock. Wish I was that clever, or even that my brain was wired that way.

hmmm, well, Syders = This Sydney Life; so how about Mazza = ? I am an Aussie! I think that being surrounded by creative people all day, these ad peeps start ‘seeing’ things. I’ve worked around some really cool ad people but you’re right, there are some exceptional brains out there. At least we can appreciate their fab work!

What, you don’t like ‘Brooklyn Babe’? I’m crushed… Nah! Not really! Mazza works, although Marina works best, I think.

And, yes – I love ferreting out all these very clever people! 🙂

Marina – How did I inspire you? (I want to be able to do it again!) Terribly flattered! 🙂

Hey Syders! I just love advertising so I guess the post resonated with me. Plus, it’s cool – all the stuff you share so just keep doing what you’re doing! So when I stumbled on the 33 Ways to Stay creative list, I had to use it as inspiration! Did you read the 33 things at my other blog? Yes, I added a #34!

I did – I was impressed!

These are brilliant! What an imagination this dude must have – I loved the coffee cup and the gummi bear rug – they all made me laugh!

He’s a clever man, ADFW. Wish my brain worked like that…

LOVE that Broccoli house J! Love it! More great creativity finds from you..!

Hi S – the Broccoli House seems to be a universal favourite. Very clever, huh?

These are hilarious. I have seen a few of these images, but never knew it was by Brock Davis. What a great project and incredibly creative and funny fellow.

And, very generous too, H. He sent me a lovely email.

Wow! How very neat. Sounds like an all around great man.

love this post/creative ~ thanks for sharing 🙂

Hey MC – Thanks for stopping by! Happy you enjoyed the post 🙂

Funny, you have this feature of work by artist Brock Davis and on this same page you have work featured by Carmichael Collective. Davis created the Carmichael Collective. Small world!

Do you know what is really fab’? – that you noticed and then commented on it. Thanks Philip!

Just goes to show – I really like the way Brock Davis (and his colleagues) think! Consistency is a good thing, I reckon’! 🙂

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