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Brothl – Melbourne’s Secret Weapon for Those on a Restricted Diet!

TSL Brothl
(Image by TSL)

If you’re travelling to Melbourne while on the Autoimmune Protocol, have I got the BEST news for you?

I’ve just spent six days in gorgeous Melbourne. Every time I visit, I wonder why I don’t  go there more often. S U C H a great city.

This is the first time I have visited Melbourne (or travelled anywhere, really) while on a restricted diet. And, those of us who suffer from food intolerances and sensitivities know just how challenging it can be to find somewhere to eat that both meets your dietary needs AND – even more importantly – that you can trust to deliver on their promises.

Well. If you’re visiting Melbourne, look no further. I give you…


Hidden away in a wee lane way in central Melbourne is my new favourite place in all of the city. I’m not kidding – I ate here 4 times during the course of my six-day stay. And, I would have gone more often if possible. It’s THAT good! The only complaint I have about Brothl is that it’s not in Sydney. Right next to Casa TSL!

The brain child of Dutch-born Joost Bakker, Brothl’s premise is to ‘imagine a world without waste’… Using philosophies of both sustainability and providing nutrient dense-food, Brothl is a broth house.

You select from one of four different broths – vegetable, fish, chicken or beef – which provide a ‘base flavour’ as you then choose accompanying flavours to suit your mood and palate. Think braised beef brisket, happy bacon, offal of the day, foraged kelp, seasonal vegetables, sea water brined fish, house-made kim chi, native greens and weeds.

TSL Brothl Broth
Brothl Chicken Broth served with Beef Brisket, Kale and Mushrooms
(Image by Food Architect because when I finally remembered my camera, Brothl was closed!)

I cannot express how much I love this place!

The fish frames, organic free range chook frames and aged grass-fed cattle bones, along with other organic vegetable matter, are all sourced from some of Melbourne’s leading restaurant kitchens – Rockpool, Attica and the European. The broths are all made using rainwater. I suspect Joost actually does much of the foraging himself*.

On the communal table, jars of house made fermented chill sit waiting for those who need a bit of kick to their broth.

For me, it’s a toss-up whether my favourite dish was the fish broth served with sea bounty mussels, bacon and native greens and weeds or the beef broth served with braised beef brisket, kale and foraged seaweed. Either way – they were enhanced at lunchtime by a glass of house-made hibiscus kombucha.

Best of all, strict AIP followers can eat here with no issue. I only wish my homemade beef bone broth tasted as good…


TSL Brothl
(Image by TSL)

Do yourself a favour and check out Brothl when you’re next in Melbourne.

Brothl can be found at 123 Hardware Street, Melbourne 3000. It’s open Monday to Saturday 10am – 10pm and it rocks!

 * I don’t actually know this for a fact, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

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Comments (12)

It really is my new favourite place, Kirsty. Now I just have to perfect my own bone broth to taste this good!

Oh wow, I know this place. It used to be called Silo. I thought it was one of the usual pretentious overpriced laneway places, but now I’m going to have to try it!

I meant to comment to let you know how the Jerusalem artichokes from about a month ago went, by the way (because I commented saying I bought some and was going to try them). I roasted them with chicken fat and it just took aaaaaaages. I was making some sausages to go with them, and ended up having to keep the sausages warm for about 40 minutes while waiting for the artichokes to cook. It took an hour! Next time I might pre-boil the artichokes so they don’t take quite as long. They were pretty small pieces, too, so I have no idea why it took so long.

Anyway I have to admit that in the end the flavour was pretty awesome!

Hi Bren – yes! That’s the place. I really think it’s THAT good!

Re: the jerusalem artichokes – thanks so much for the update! I’ve only ever had to cook them – admittedly on a very high heat – for 20-25 minutes. How odd? Glad they at least tasted great! 🙂

This place sounds amazing! I want one in my corner of the planet!

…I want one in Sydney, too! Maybe there’s a business opportunity for Vancouver Island, Petra?

Thanks for posting on this TSL! I saw Peter Evans post about it and was curious to know more, especially on the AIP side. How was the patronage there went you went? Was it busy? Would love to see this concept expand across the country

Hey PI – how are your travels going?

I was surprised at how easy it was to rock up and get a seat each time I went. I suspect there are a number of regulars (peeps like us), but this whole fascination with bone broth and whole food eating is still quite niche, I think. Albeit, a growing niche. Totally agree with seeing the concept across the country. How cool would that be?

Wow! I am suddenly a little drooly. 🙂 That place sounds amazing. I only wish they had it here. I guess I have to visit Melbourne. I’ve actually heard of several awesome paleo places in Australia now. Getting a little jealous.

SoA – I have to say, it really is the called the ‘lucky country’ for a reason. (I think I can safely say that because I’m a transplant!)

I seriously wish Brothl would open up in Sydney, preferably in my street. I REALLY love it that much!

Sounds amazing – we need one in NYC, pronto!

It is amazing, DW. I reckon we need one in every major city!

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