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Coming soon – the Calm the Fajizzle Down BETA Method

Calm the Fajizzle Down
A personalised method for navigating the crazy of everyday life
and learning to calm the fajizzle down – Coming soon!

Are you actually more stressed than you realise?

Is it possible that your idea of ‘normal’ is actually chronically stressed?

Have you forgotten what it feels like NOT to feel this way?

What would it mean to you to release some of that tension and tightness you carry around?

You know that this stress stuff isn’t good for you.

Did you know that women are more likely than men to report having a great deal of stress (8, 9 or even 10 on a 10-point scale!)

But what does that actually mean?

What exactly is this thing called stress and how is it bad for you? Why do you even need to calm the fajizzle down?

And more – how do you DE-stress yourself when you still have to juggle all the crazy of everyday life – including your flavour of chronic illness plus your partner, your kids, working, cooking nutrient dense meals, paying the bills, your ageing parents (and all the rest)…

Calm the Fajizzle Down
Calm the Fajizzle Down

If you’ve ever seen a duck swimming on the water, it does so with grace and ease. There is a smooth, seemingly effortless progression across the water. However, underneath the surface the duck’s legs are paddling frantically to propel it forward. Stress is like this. You look like you have it together, when in reality your mind is going non-stop. Your thoughts are all over the place, and you are often imagining some version of a bad outcome.

If stress is the duck on the water, your degree of stress is a combination of both how fast you are paddling and your capacity to paddle…

In fact, most of us in today’s modern world have an over-developed fight-or-flight response.

Your fight-or-flight response is another term for an acute stress response. This is a physiological and psychological reaction that occurs when you are scared.

Importantly, that can be either mentally scared or physically scared.

When you feel frightened. your body releases hormones to prepare for one of two responses:

  1. stay and deal with the threat you face, or
  2. to run away to somewhere safe

The idea of this ‘fight-or-flight’ is a literal description of how our early ancestors could respond to extreme danger in their environment. They had two choices – to fight or to flee. And for them, this was usually acute. No matter whether you choose to fight or to flee, your body’s response to stress is to react to the danger it faces.

In today’s modern world, we don’t have much cause to run away from saber toothed tigers. Our stressors are a little more insidious…

But, we are still programmed to respond in the same way as our great, great, great (x53) grandma. This fight-or-flight response is actually the first stage of the 3-stages of the human body’s stress response.

These three stages are:

  • alarm reaction
  • resistance
  • exhaustion

Chances are, you place yourself somewhere between between resisteance and exhaustion on the stress-o-meter scale

Calm the Fajizzle Down is your PERSONALISED method to HAVE YOU ADRESSING your stress-related SHIZZLE ONCE AND FOR ALL and have you managing the crazy of life with a little more grace and ease.

Calm the Fajizzle Down is for you if you want to:

  • Really dig into this stress thing and learn just why it is so important to put a personal stress management method in place
  • Understand how stressed you are. Really.
  • Experiment with practical solutions to help you decrease your stress and increase your resilience
  • Learn about the part your brain can play in mitigating stress (spoiler alert – it’s BIG)
  • Be part of an inclusive, informative and straight-talking group of women committed to calming the fajizzle down

Included in the program:

  • My ‘How Stressed Are You?’ questionnaire to help you identify just how high you rate on the stress-o-meter
  • A deep dive into what this stress shizzle is all about and why you must manage your stress levels (or, it will manage you!)
  • The potential risks and implications of NOT calming the fajizzle down
  • A look at how sleep impacts your ability to manage stress
  • An introduction to neuroplasticity and how changing the way you think can help you to calm the fajizzle down
  • 4 weeks of dedicated calming the fajizzle down in a #bloodyfabulous and private Facebook group where you’ll meet fellow CFDers and make new connections with likeminded women
  • Videos, worksheets and downloads to support your CFD caper
  • A weekly live workshop with the opportunity to brainstorm and ask questions
  • One moth FREE AIP Mentorship membership
The Genesis of Calm the Fajizzle Down

How did it all start?

For many of us, this stress management stuff is not easy. If you are a doer-type who thrives on being busy, creating space and stillness in your day can be a struggle. After over half a decade of mentoring women, it is very clear this is an area that many of us find hugely challenging.

The thing about managing your stress and building your resilience is that it evolves and compounds over time.

Each week in my membership crew we pick a different aspect of this health caper to dig into. While these topics are loosely associated with the Wheel of Health, we are a pretty broad church and we cover a wide range of subject matter.

A few months ago, after a particularly gnarly time for some of my AIP Mentorship crew, we held an extended Calm the Fajizzle Down session. It was a whole month focused on looking at how we each manage stress – as women, as carers, as autoimmune sufferers.
Over the course of the month, we:
  • spent time learning more about the phenomenon that is stress and examining how we can each improve our stress management practices.
  • considered different stress management tools and techniques that we might add to our own personal health toolbox.
  • took a look at the idea of neuroplasticity and the importance of developing a growth mindset. We learned that your brain has an incredible ability to reorganise itself depending on your environment, behaviour, thinking and emotions. (Spoiler alert – really cool stuff)
  • put plans in place to fit more stress management into our lives
  • came away from the month with a renewed understanding of just how important it is to make it a priority calm the fajizzle down.

It was a great month. And because of the response from my crew, it was very clear to me that really focusing on managing this stress ‘stuff’ – both in terms of understanding what it is and it’s potential health implications, and then actually coming up with pragmatic solutions to mitigate it – was important.

A BIT ABOUT The Wheel of Health and Calm the Fajizzle Down

I’m guessing you want to be the healthiest version of you that you can be. The Wheel of Health helps you to prioritise how you can go about doing that. There’s a whole section dedicated to managing stress.

It’s THAT significant!

When it comes to your personal health caper, the five sections on your wheel of health serve as reminders to keep you on track. Each is important, but not always equally urgent, when  determining where you should focus your efforts.

Because it really is impossible to do everything at once. You’re only human!

When it comes to being the healthiest version of yourself you can be, there is no quick fix. Rather, it is the small, incremental changes you make over time that effect the biggest change.

There’s a good reason stress management gets its own segment on the wheel

So many of us need to work on this aspect of our health. In fact, if you suffer from chronic illness, chances are you are a bit of a stress-head.

Wheel of Health

I know. I was, too.

Of course, stress management includes all the tools and strategies you might expect to mitigate things that trigger your fight-or-flight response. It’s a hot topic, after all.

But when it comes to actually calming the fajizzle down, it is important to foster a deeper understanding. Understanding WHAT stress is and HOW it affects you. Introducing the idea of building resilience (the opposite side of the stress management coin). Learning about neuroplasticity – why making a thought or action over and over again increases its power – and how we can apply this to our stress management approach.

If you’d like to spend some time working on the ‘stress management’ section on your wheel of health, come and join the crew in Calm the Fajizzle Down today.


Usually US$197, the BETA version of the Calm the Fajizzle Down method will cost less.

Because of the global health crisis, the BETA program has been postponed. Join the waitlist and you’ll be the first to know when we’re running CFD.

A beta version is an early test run of a course before it is officially launched to the general public.

As a member of the beta version of Calm the Fajizzle Down, you get to enjoy the course at a significantly reduced cost while also providing me with feedback on your experience things like:

  • if it meets your expectations,
  • your suggestions for improvements, and
  • the opportunity to feature with your testimonial

The BETA version is right for you if:

  • You know you need to Calm the Fajizzle Down and you’re keen to get started, or
  • You’ve worked with me before and you like the ‘Jo factor’. or
  • You like being part of an engaged group who are all keen to learn more about how to CFD, or
  • You want voice your opinion, or
  • You’re on a budget, or
  • Any combination of above!

Yes, you do. The program support centers around the private Facebook group. At this time it remains the best forum for the support group to be based.

There are participants who join Facebook under a pseudonym for the duration of the program.

Yes! The group is completely private. Only those who have completed the registration and been approved can enter the Calam the Fajizzle Facebook group. Nobody else has access.  The BETA group itself will stay open for a week after the conclusion of the course. This allows you to have the opportunity to download any supporting documents before it is closed.

Of course, you can choose to sign up to the Calm the Fajizzle Down method when it officially launches, too. I’ll even send you a discount coupon!

Well, yes. When it comes to the BETA version group, participation is important.

If you have a strong preference for ‘lurking’, it may be a good idea to wait for the official launch of CFD.

Nope. Definitely not. Most of us can benefit from learning to calm the fajizzle down.

While it is true that Jo specialises in mentoring those following the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), the CFD method is suitable for anyone who seeks to address their stress levels.

Great question! Here’s the link to the CFD Terms and Conditions

If you have any further questions, please contact me by email: