What is AIP Creepage?

27 Jan: What the Heck is AIP Creepage?

AIP Creepage is my name for the very human phenomenon of the lowering of your performance baseline on your personal Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) way of life.

In simple terms, it’s when you’ve been following your personalised version of the template – both the elimination diet and the lifestyle factors, but for any given reason your performance in terms of sticking to the letter of the protocol starts to slide.

How to turn your diet into a lifestyle

10 Apr: How to Turn Your Diet into a Lifestyle

I’ve been following an AIP way of life for over five years, now. I’ve learnt a thing or two about how to turn your diet into a lifestyle.
Like many, I started out thinking it was a temporary measure – I thought I’d give the elimination phase of the protocol a red, hot go for a while and see what happened. Then, I could go back to living my life. My way.

Little did I know that my initial foray into changing my diet would turn into a lifestyle…