Chai Spiced Norridge

12 Jun: START THE DAY RIGHT Chai Spiced Norridge/N’oatmeal (AIP/Paleo)

When I was a girl growing up in New Zealand, my Dad used to make us porridge (or oatmeal) in the winter time. He’d serve it with brown sugar and cream, and a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice made from the old grapefruit tree in the garden.

These days, I can’t eat oats. Regular porridge is off the table. Enter my Chai Spiced Norridge – all the tummy-warming goodness of porridge without the actual oats! It is seriously good!

Favourite AIP Things

15 May: Some of My Favourite AIP Things – Tried and True Recipes from Around the Traps

There is something reassuring about knowing a recipe you’re about to try for the first time works because it comes recommended by someone who makes it frequently, don’t you think?

This listicle is 100% AIP-friendly. All of the recipes are bloody good. All of them are recipes I have on repeat. And, all of them are from fellow bloggers who know their shizzle when it comes to healthy food with great flavour!