Favourite AIP Things

15 May: Some of My Favourite AIP Things – Tried and True Recipes from Around the Traps

There is something reassuring about knowing a recipe you’re about to try for the first time works because it comes recommended by someone who makes it frequently, don’t you think?

This listicle is 100% AIP-friendly. All of the recipes are bloody good. All of them are recipes I have on repeat. And, all of them are from fellow bloggers who know their shizzle when it comes to healthy food with great flavour!

Essentials No Frills Salad Dressing

13 Feb: Essentials: My No Frills ‘Go To’ AIP-Friendly Salad Dressing

We’ve been having a long, hot and humid summer. I’ve been making a LOT of salads. Because, that’s what you do when you want to ensure your nutrient density is up, even when it’s too hot to spend time in the kitchen.

This is my no frills, ‘go to’ salad dressing. I whip it up in no time, it’s tastes great and it is completely free of any nasties.

Give it a go. It may become YOUR no frills, ‘go to’ salad dressing, too!