Nutrient Density

8+ Serves a Day

15 Aug: How to Eat 8-Plus Serves of Vegetables (and Fruit) Every Day

Even if you’re not following the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), this nutrition gig can get really confusing! The one thing everyone agrees on – regardless of their flavour of dietary preference – is that we should all be eating more vegetables. And it seems 8-plus serves is the magic number. Today, I’m sharing some ways you can ensure you’re getting your 8-plus serves each day…

Kitchen Habits

08 Aug: 7 Kitchen Habits that are a Regular Part of My Health Caper (AIP/Paleo)

This health caper requires an investment of time. It’s one of the reasons I’m such an advocate for developing¬† systems and routines that you do every week (or so); so that you almost automate as much as you can.

I have some regular kitchen habits that really help me to stay on track. So much so that I almost do them without actively thinking about it anymore.

These are some of my most frequent ones…