The Halo Effect and AIP

19 Sep: Video-cast: The Halo Effect and AIP

Have you heard of the halo effect?

The halo effect describes a form of confirmation bias. It’s when you evaluate something based on one quality, and then make judgments based on that one quality. It’s a particularly human trait and it can affect us on the Autoimmune Protocol…

In this video-cast, I talk more about the halo effect and what we can do about it while navigating the Autoimmune Protocol.

Slow down to go fast

28 Feb: Video-Cast: Slow Down to Go Fast

The phrase ‘slow down to go fast’ relates to the somewhat counter-intuitive notion that stopping or slowing down at the beginning of a process to consider what – and, how – you plan to accomplish your goals will enable you to go much faster in the end. Ultimately, by implementing this simple step, you are likely to be far more successful, and in the same amount of time, too