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Christmas Haircut Time at Casa TSL…

Bella - before(Image by TSL)
Bella – before
(Image by TSL)

When I was a child in New Zealand, I always knew Christmas was only a few sleeps away because my Dad would get his ‘Christmas haircut‘. The Christmas haircut was a super-short, low maintenance number which was more convenient for boating and swimming and other summer pursuits.

Today, Bella received her Christmas haircut. We are heading to the beach for a couple of weeks in January, and Bella is a water-baby. Short is best. In addition to this, it is tick season in a big way on the New South Wales coast over the summer. We don’t want to take any chances with our beloved pooch, so this year, we have gone extra short.

Bella now resembles a rat…

Bella - after(Image by TSL)
Bella – after
(Image by TSL)

I think this will be the last post for a while as we get ready for the summer break down here. A very happy and safe Christmas to everyone.

I look forward to catching up with you all again in late January.

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Comments (12)

Not a rat! Looks lovely!!! (and I have two similar shaved rats at home). Mwa!

Pretty sure she resembles a rat (unlike your boys!)

Mwah back!

She still looks plush to me….soft and cuddly, Merry Christmas and enjoy the summer!

She is gorgeous in both photos, I just want to pick her up and cuddle her, so cute.
Yes ticks are a problem this time of year in QLD as well.
It is amazing how a lot of dogs love the water, my dog also loves the water, although she doesn’t like swimming in salt water very much unfortunately, but we have a lovely park close to home with a wonderful creek that all the dogs go swimming in, and she loves it there.
I wish you and your family all the best for Xmas, and a fantastic New Year as well, enjoy the holidays.

but a very glamorous rat, it has to be said!

I will miss your posts! Have a fabulous Summer and Merry Christmas!!

Both are completely adorable. And I am so envious of your warm weather.

What a difference! But both are equally as cute! Merry Christmas!

very nice bella, have a lovely Christmas. Kx

Eeeeeek! I’m sure Bella will be much cooler and she does still look cute – Merry Christmas, TSL & I hope that you, LM and Bella enjoy a lovely tick-free beach break in the New Year. 😉

LOL! She is almost unrecognisable, but still cute of course. Belated Christmas wishes to you and yours, have a fabulous time at the beach and don’t forget to slip, slop, slap 🙂

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