My 4 Tips to Keep You Sane This Christmas

Christmas Sanity Tips

Christmas Sanity Tips…

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.”  ―Edna Ferber

By this time next week, Christmas will have been and gone.

And, doesn’t it seem to arrive REALLY suddenly? Faster each year, I think.

I know retailers would have us think that Christmas is approaching in October. But, if you’re anything like me – you ignore all those visual and auditory cues on principle until at least the end of November. You think you have all the time in the world.

And suddenly, it’s December… Where did the time go?

Edna Ferber would have us believe that Christmas is a feeling. And, that’s certainly kind of true for me. I feel loved-up at Christmas.

But what if you don’t? – What if Christmas creates more stress, more anxiety, more ‘stuff’ that doesn’t serve you?

I may feel loved-up at Christmas, but I also have those other feelings, too.

So, today I’m sharing my tips to help keep you sane for the silly season. Steps you can put in place to  s l o w  things down a smidge… Tips that I use in my arsenal of health tools.

1. Practice ‘the pause’

Literally hit the pause button on your overwhelm.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

I challenge you to really set an intention to practice ‘the pause’. It’s not quite as easy as it sounds. First you need to become aware of the need to pause. This requires you to be present in away that the silly season has a habit of moving us away from.

A good way around this is to schedule a couple of pauses into your day, ahead of time.

I’m a fan of the pause. I’d even go so far as to say that learning to recognise the need to pause is one of the best techniques I’ve added to my growing health toolbox. Highly recommended.

2. It’s OK to say no (give yourself permission)

When it comes to saying that short little ‘n’ word, I’m a work in progress. I’m (still) learning to say no by stealth. I reckon I’ve graduated from beginner to intermediate.

And, that pause I talk about above? – well, it comes in very handy when it comes to saying no.

That’s because when you’re a bit pf a people pleaser, you often have a tendency to say yes – even offer your services before being asked – as a matter of course. You do it without thinking. It’s a habit.

The good news is that habits that don’t serve us can be broken to make room for those that do.

What can you say no to, I wonder?

3. Just because it’s a tradition, doesn’t mean you can’t change it.

Christmas Sanity Tips

That’s a pic of my hand and a jar of my Christmas Golden Balls.

My Golden Balls are considered a tradition among a few people who are important to me. They are much loved and requested every year.

Want to know what else my Golden Balls are? – Bloody labour intensive to make.

So, this year, there will be no Golden Balls.

The thought of making these little chocolatey, spiced raspberry-y, chocolate-covered and gold-painted (albeit gluten-free!) bad boys was causing me stress. Quite a lot of stress, actually.

So, after a significant pause moment; a pause moment when I asked myself what would happen if I didn’t make them, 2018 will be the year I don’t make Golden Balls. I’m stopping that tradition. And, now that I’ve made this decision, I’m wondering why it has taken me so long…

Instead, I’m choosing to make something LESS labour intensive.

I’m changing the tradition (and it’s kind of liberating!)

*Steve, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry you had to find out this way!

4. Take ‘me time’ for yourself. Preferably, daily.

Back to that pause again. It’s becoming a recurring theme in this post…

How’s your self compassion? If you had to rate your level of self compassion out of 10, where would you sit?

It’s very easy to lose ourselves in this crazy time of year, isn’t it? Life just gets so damn busy.

What if you actively incorporated some time for self compassion (<– I share some of my best tips in this link) into your day. Every day?

What would that look like?

Wishing you a very SANE, safe and warm holiday season in your neck of the woods.

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Just because you short stopped a tradition doesn’t mean you can’t surprise someone out of the blue someday with your prized golden balls. I was the same way with rum cakes. Oh my goodness, there were years when I’d make 12-15 rum cakes and gift them. It was my mom’s recipe and I prided myself in passing on those lovely, golden liquored bundt cakes. Oh they were soooo good leftover for breakfast with a hot cuppa. But you’re right. They started to stress me out because I didn’t have the energy anymore and I felt everyone expected them. I started thinking I HAD to make them. No, I didn’t have to make them. It had been my choice to begin the tradition. It could my choice to end the tradition, or even modify it. I’ll now wait until I have the time and energy and make an occasional rum cake and gift a special somebody out of the blue. Just because it’s a rum cake does mean I HAVE to only gift it at Christmas. So, these days I don’t do rum cakes much any more but when I do it’s really an unexpected surprise. Who doesn’t love that? Thanks for the tips and I’m going to practice that pause button.

Oh same here. Every year I make something like painted custom signs or gift baskets customized for each of my siblings and their spouse. Well this year I did a basket delivery service for everyone out of state and my family that is local they are all getting gift cards out to dinner.

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