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Cinnamon Lee Designs Covert Jewels

Image of Cinnamon Lee' 'Flutter' (oxidized silver)
'Flutter' by Cinnamon Lee
Image of Cinnamon Lee's 'Turbo' (oxidized silver)
'Turbo' by Cinnamon Lee

I love the work of Cinnamon Lee, a Sydney-based contemporary jewellery and lighting artist.  I particularly love her Covert Jewels range, where she creates beautiful works which conceal intricately worked secrets for the wearer, rather than the viewer.

A recent exhibition of these rings featured an inspired custom-built illuminated display system incorporating pre-programmed LEDs, which was specially designed to light up the detailed interiors of each ring.  How great is that?

Image of Cinnamon Lee's Covert Jewels

Second Image of Cinnamon Lee's Covert Jewels

Cinnamon is part of the fabulously creative team at Metalab.  Metalab also runs COTA (Courtesy of the Artist) as a side project.  In Sydney you can find Cinnamon’s work at both galleries.

Metalab Studio + Gallery 
10B Fitzroy Place, 
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

COTA (Courtesy of the Artist)
 Level 2, Shop 124, 
The Strand Arcade, Sydney 2000

(All images sourced from Cinnamon Lee’s website here)

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Comments (12)

I love the butterfly one, although you would have to wear in on a chain… such a shame to hide the detail by wearing it on your finger.

I kind of like that – it’s your own wee secret. Nobody else is in on it.

Gorgeous butterfiles! Alas – can you believe I am not a ring person? Got 2 on the right finger but other than that I am a free bird — I appreciate great jewellery but simply don’t wear it! weird, I know, among all the other things!
Making Quinoa tabbouleh tonight….
Your recipes are so cute! Thanks again…

ANOTHER clever creative! I’m not a big ring person, either. I do love the slightly covert nature of these designs, though…

Hope the Quinoa Tabbouleh is a winner!

Cheers from Syders 🙂

Beautiful designs, but I really don’t see the sense at all in hiding them. 🙂

Ah Mags – that suggests to me that you are practical and open-hearted. No secrets with you! 🙂

This is so unique, what a cool idea. They are very pretty, thanks for sharing.

Happy you like them too, Eliza Dreams! 🙂

would be gorg to write vows in for a groom’s ring!


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