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Clax – not sexy but I’m a convert…


If you are a follower of my wee blog, you will know that I am a regular at our local Farmers Market. Every Saturday we tootle off to pick up our organic and free range produce direct from local farmers.

I love it.  Bella (the pooch) loves it. LM tolerates it. He tolerates it because he’d rather be asleep. He tolerates it because he knows he will eat well all week.  And, he tolerates it because he knows it makes me happy.  Naturally, I give all my purchases to him to carry so that I can keep my hands free.  This means he is very quickly laden with produce.  It (apparently) gets h e a v y fast.  Admittedly, we do buy quite a lot!

On many occasions, I have suggested we invest in a ‘Nana Trolley‘ (otherwise known as a shopping trolley).  Not the most attractive, I grant you.  It would provide LM’s arms a rest, though.

Outdoors On Parade offer a nautical-inspired, striped number….

Image of an Outdoors on Parade Shopping Trolley

I’m partial to a gorgeous Orla Kiely version, although perhaps a little OTT for the Farmers Market…

Image of Orla Kiely Shopping Trolley

LM categorically refused a Nana Trolley.  In his mind they are for Nana’s, he won’t be seen pulling one, and all the produce at the bottom gets squashed.

Then, a few weeks ago we saw a family with a trolley he did like. One he would happily be seen pushing. One which folded up neatly in the back of the car.  One which would prevent produce from getting squashed.

That LM-approved trolley was the Clax…

Image of Clax Trolley with 1 Box

Image of Clax Unfolding Box
Image of Clax Trolley Folded

I know, it’s not sexy. BUT it is incredibly practical. Really. If you’re still with me, some of the Clax features are:
– it can be unfolded easily with one hand at the push of one button
– it is easy to maneuver with swivelling front wheels
– it comes with one folding box which can be secured to the top platform (we ordered a second box for the bottom)
– it features a block brake that is initiated with a foot-click (allowing for lengthy chats with stall-holders and dog-owners)
– it is not heavy (when folded the trolley is less than 7 kilos/15lbs)
– All heavy items can be placed in the bottom box freeing up the top one for breakables (like eggs!)

I could have done with a Clax when I lived in an apartment.

I do accept that some may suggest that with its industrial lines, this trolley is even more ‘Nana‘ than the forbidden Nana Trolley. What can I say – it is designed by clever Germans – efficient, practical but not sexy…

(Images sourced from Outdoors on ParadeStyle Hive and Design Quest)

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Comments (22)

Wow – definitely practical! Very cool that it folds up and is so light! Sexiness is overrated… 😉

Ha! Easy to say when you have just returned from a super-sexy French holiday… 🙂

Yep, trust the Germans to produce something so practical. We’ve had the same discussion. I live within a few minutes walk of the village but don’t make it too often because of weird health issues. My husband suggested a shopping trolley and I flatly refused.
Life is Nana’ish enough without pulling one of those. I admit the practicality of it but resist the idea.
You have made me wonder though if I couldn’t find some middle ground and do some investigating for a non-nana trolley 🙂

Hey Zac, tell your Mum that our Bella (the miniature poodle) has accepted that you don’t always have to be cool or sexy. Sometimes practicality trumps it!

Leave it to those innovative (and clever) German engineers! I love love this post as I too struggle with the very same problem! For years with kids the stroller doubled as a catch all – now that I am flitting around unencumbered I find myself pumping more irn than I want to……I have many times considered the 1st version of the nana trolley…I could deal with it no problem and you’ve just inspired me it might be time…

err that is supposed to read ‘iron’!

Embrace the Nana in you, Shira! 🙂

Perhaps you should not have introduced the item to him as a “nana trolley” but as a trendy, back saving device that every lawyer should have. The striped trolley is certainly not nana-ish – I quite like that one. I remember my mother’s trolley as a child which was mission brown vinyl – now that was nana-ish. The Clax is certainly efficient, well designed and will get the job done – but not cool looking……

Hey Cettina – HE calls them the Nana Trolley. I will give him that the Clax is more manly!!

Yes it is more manly – although I am sure it could be redesigned to be even more manly! perhaps camoflage paint colours and bigger wheels………..

You see a lot of people now with these trolleys, very practical and very handy. As more people use these instead of carrying bags, I think the old “Nana trolley” saying will be gone. 😀

I reckon’ you may be right, Mags

The Little Sister

Reckon SB (LM in little sister speak) would look great with a stripey Orla Kiely number…. but totally understand that it wouldnt make him look like the Commando!

You can tell him that! 🙂

omg, I NEED one of these!!! Amazing!


REALLY? I’m a teensy bit surprised you’re a clax kinda’ girl! Quite the über utilitarian (read: masculine) look, don’t you think, Ms D?

oh man – this makes me want to live in Sydney and go to a farmers market every weekend in the sunshine, and have a little trolley specifically for the purpose! Hope you enjoy your trip this weekend, and get some goodies.

Got LOTS of goodies, the sun was shining on Sydney and LM was happy with his Clax! Hope you’re having a fab weekend, too ADFW. 🙂

Oh I am all for the Orla K tote around! OTT…never! I would be the belle of the ball here at my farmers market with one of those. Granted most of the time I forget to even bring my own bags….

The Orla Kiely IS gorgeous, isn’t it? Not sure LM finds it manly enough for his tastes… 🙂

Immaculate Keung

Hi, I am looking for this gorgeous Orla Kiely shopping trolley for long, do you know where I can still find this product in the market, many thanks!

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