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Colporter – For the Opera Lover in Your Life


It’s a universal truth, I reckon’. Boys are hard to buy for. I will grudgingly accept that some are more-so than others. LM is a ‘more-so’. He may even take the prize. It’s a heavy cross for me to bear.

So, when I first read about Colporter’s vintage opera scores at the very lovely [JustALittleJoy] blog, written by the talented Tessa, I was just a little excited.

Image of Colporter's Framed Vintage Opera Scores - The Barber of Seville and La Danza
Colporter’s Framed Vintage Opera Scores
‘The Barber of Seville’ and ‘La Danza’
(Image sourced from Colporter)

LM is a mad keen music buff and an opera lover. What if I could find the sheet music  for Bizet’s “The Pearl Fishers”, containing his most favourite aria in the universe – the show-stopping duet “In the Depths of the Temple”…?

I went off to the lovely Catherine at Colporter in London and she worked her magic for me. She found the sheet music for “Les Pêcheurs de Perles”. She accommodated my desire to have it framed in white. She lovingly packaged it all up and sent it to Sydney. Thank you, Catherine.

Professionally mounted and framed with the sheet music still intact within the frame, these scores make for really unusual wall art. They are perfect for the growing collection of bits ‘n’ bobs we have on a wall of our bedroom. Best of all, LM loves it!

Image of Colporter "The Pearl Fishers" vintage Sheet Music (Framed)
LM’s framed sheet music for “Les Pêcheurs de Perles”
(Poorly taken image by TSL)

And, for those of you who are not familiar with Bizet’s arguably most famous aria, or if you just want to listen to some lovely music, here are Alfie Boe and Bryn Terfel performing it for you…


Colporter have lots of lovely goodies on their website. You can have a look-see yourself, right here.

Postscript: I have been told that if you are to be introduced to this wonderful aria, it must be the Jussi Björling & Robert Merrill version. I stand corrected. Enjoy!


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Comments (31)

What a great idea, even better customer service given they helped you find the perfect one! That lady definitely does not work for Telstra … He he. I have some music loving friends so this is great to keep in the potential special gift file!

BCD – she definitely doesn’t. Her service was top notch and so is LM’s lovely framed vintage score. All thanks to [JustALittleJoy]! Ain’t the blog-world grand? 🙂

No, no, no. It must be Jussi Bjöing and Robert Merlll.

You old stick in the mud

And so it is… I stand corrected. X

What an awesome gift! I hope he is just as thoughtful when he thinks of gifts for you!

WIM2S – LM is a very generous and thoughtful gift-giver. Frankly, it just adds to the pressure I impose on myself when it comes to buying for him! And now, he has it easy – there is a whole blog for him to look at when considering birthday and Christmas presents! 🙂

You need to hold on to him!

Seriously girlfriend! Did you have to write that in the comments field where he can read it? Could you not have sent me an e-mail? I’ll never hear the end of it now… 🙂

Oops. Serious transgression on my part. You are welcome to delete it! 🙂

LM says, “too late!”

What a great idea for music fans, a gift that is totally different, and I’m sure would be treasured. Very nice. 🙂

I felt the same way, Mags. Something a little different.

What a lovely gift – I hope that he treasures you. The aria is nice – although my favourite is “O mio babbion caro” from Gianni Schicchi by Giacomo Puccini (it was used in the Film A Room with a View). I have not seen an opera for a long time – that’s what young children do to you…………

Hi Cettina – I have no complaints! Nor do we have young children, so we can go to the opera (although the teenager isn’t keen to join us!)

The Pearl Fishers is a better aria than O Mio Bambino Caro because it is more complex melodically and the duet aspect adds great interest with the blending of the voices. So that’s better even though I like singing O Mio Bambino Caro very badly.

What a thoughtful gift – well done, you! And I agree with LM, The Pearl Fishers is such a beautiful opera (especially that aria). A lovely post, thanks TSL! 🙂

Life is full of so many fun things. Thank you for bringing so many of these to my attention. My hubbie would love these also. I’ll have to keep this on his gift list 🙂

Excellent, J…And the wheel turns again! Love it! 🙂

Thank god he’s fussy, it’s so much better than a blog on socks, un perle! Cheers Sue

I like the way you think, Sue! You are so right (although LM has some spectacular socks…!) 🙂

Sorry I posted that before I finished writing! Doh! What I was going to say was… This is so cool! I can’t believe you managed to sort this all the way from Sydney. Go Colporter!! And thanks so much for the mention. 🙂

Hi Tess – It’s all thanks to you! If I hadn’t read about Colporter on [JustALittleJoy}, I would never have known… Catherine was so helpful, too.

Isn’t Blogland a great place? 🙂

It is, it is! I am so pleased! 🙂

Love this idea! Great thinking Ms Syders!

It looks much better than the pic’ suggests, M! 🙂

The pic looks good, Syders! I can ‘see’ it and can imagine how great the blue and white look on a wall.

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