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Dana Tanamachi Chalks One Up….


Dana Tanamachi is a New York-based graphic designer who works as a custom chalk letterer.  How cool to be SO good you can work as a full-time chalk letterer, of all things.  How cool to be SO good (and SO successful) you don’t do personal or wedding related commissions!  I think she’s awesome!

Dana Tanamachi Ace Hotel NYC Room 1021
I want to stay in room 1021 at the Ace Hotel
Dana Tanamachi West Elm stores
Nationwide at West Elm stores in 2011
Dana Tanamachi for Ralph Lauren Bleecker St NYC
For Ralph Lauren on Bleecker St, NYC

AND – Oprah thinks she’s awesome, too.  Dana Tanamachi was commissioned to design the February 2012 cover of O Magazine.

Dana Tanamachi with Oprah
Dana Tanamachi with Oprah

There is a girl who embodies ‘living your best life’.

(All images sourced from Dana Tanamachi’s website here)

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Comments (13)

She certainly does have a beautiful style. 🙂

Hey Mags – I love how she’s created a career

awesome! although not quite as awesome as Oprah’s pleated purple skirt 🙂

You’re funny! 🙂 Oprah does like her bright colours, it’s true.

The Little Sister

Look up cool in the Oxford and you will find Dana’s name… she even dresses with funk!

Ha! She’s standing next to one of the most famous faces in the world – who happens to be wearing purple, hot pink and red – and you notice the funky chick all in black beside her. That is so YOU!

I agree – très cool. 🙂

She’s amazing…OMG, I just love her work! You are right, a brilliant example! Wow!

There are some very talented people in the world, Me, I’m still searching for my bliss!

Really cool! I wonder if I’ll see her work around NYC, now that I’ll be looking out for it?!

I bet you do (but do let me know?)

for sure – you’ll be the first 😉

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