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Destination Victor Churchill – Meat-lover’s Paradise…

Victor Churchill Shop Front
Victor Churchill Shop Front
(Image from here)

Primarily I’m a meat man, although once in a while I toy with a few vegetables. (Nat King Cole)

If you ask LM what he’d like to do on a lazy Sunday, he will suggest a visit to Victor Churchill’s. It’s his happy place.

When my father comes to visit from New Zealand, he considers Victor Churchill a favourite destination. We bought him a full-day Charcuterie course for Christmas last year. He was not disappointed (and we dined extremely well on his confit of duck).

Peter Gilmore, Executive Chef of Quay restaurant – which currently sits at number 29 in the San Pelligrino top 50 – says it’s his favourite food shop anywhere in the world. If its good enough for Peter, I reckon it’s worth a blog post…

The original Victor Churchill’s was established in 1876. Father and son team, Victor and Anthony Puharich, founders of the highly regarded Vic’s Premium Quality Meats, are the fourth owners of the butcher shop in its 136 year history.

Inside, it is a shrine to protein and has literally changed the way people look at butcheries. It’s got major bells and whistles in the form of a Himalayan salt-brick wall and the kind of visual merchandising you would more likely associate with high-end fashion (in fact it has been dubbed the Tiffany’s of butcher shops) but it more than backs up with a superb meat and poultry.

If you consider yourself a meat-lover or a foodie, or you just love great design, this is one spot to add to the list when you visit Sydney…

Victor Churchill Shop Interior
Victor Churchill Shop Interior
(Image from here)
Victor Churchill Himalayan Rock Salt Wall
Victor Churchill Himalayan Rock Salt Wall
(Image from here)
Victor Churchill Rotisserie
Victor Churchill Rotisserie
(Image from here)
Victor Churchill - the product!
Victor Churchill – the product!
(Image from here)

We have some good friends visiting from Auckland next weekend. I have suggested to them we might plan a visit to Victor Churchill on Saturday so they can hand-select their protein of choice for the barbecue that evening…

Victor Churchill can be found at 132 Queen Street, Woollahra. The shop is open 7 days AND if you happen to live is a selected part of Sydney, they deliver. For those of you who just want a squizz at the fabulousness that is Victor Churchill, check out their website here.

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Comments (16)

Many an hour has been spent with Victor! I bought hubby a course there for his birthday a couple of years ago for Sausage making, he and his mates had a ball, and the Sausages were very good too…:-) As for me I just love the interior!!

It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? One of my favourite Sydney places… AND with the added benefit of being boy-friendly!

wow – looks very N.Y.C!

Worth a visit next time you come home!

Beloved said she’d visit just to stand and look at the outside of the store – very Victorian and chic!

Zac – YOU would be stuck outside (Bella often is) but Beloved could spend some time inside, too…

Might just have to put that on the itinerary next time I’m in Sydney, my family always appreciate a meal based on meat 🙂

and, the meat is seriously good, 2BDs. Or, if you don’t want to cook, their rotisseried chooks are the best in Sydney.

Yum! Love a good cooked chook too 🙂

The fact that someone has termed it “the Tiffany’s of butcher shops” made me giggle, TSL. It is a stunning looking shop alright, though I’m afraid I’m not a big meat eater, so I could probably pal around outside with Bella, looking in! 🙂

I know Bella would love to play with you, Sparks.

The good thing about VC is that inside there is also a wee desert section – home-made creme caramels and the like… Something for everyone!

Cap’n Firepants would never leave that paradise. I’m going to send him a link so he can see that Texas is not necessarily the best place to get good meat!

See, when you and Cap’n Firepants decide to come to Sydney for a visit, you can go to the world’s best butcher and then LM (along with the Cap’n, of course) can barbecue the Cap’n’s meat of choice!

Sounds like a dream vacation!

isnt this just most amazing design of a butchery 🙂

A+ – it is fab’. We took our friends from NZ yesterday and our dinner was sublime!

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