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DIY Macramé Kit by TMOD

Macrame plant holder
TMOD DIY (completed) Macrame Kit in mint
(Image from TMOD)

Anybody caught selling macrame in public should be dyed a natural colour and hung out to dry.(Calvin Trillin)

Is there a verb for macramé?

My Mum macramé-d when it was last fashionable. About a million years ago. I remember her macramé onion bag. Truly. A macramé bag just for onions. If my memory serves, she was quite good at it, too.

Fast forward about a million years (or at least thirty) and Georgie Swift and Milenka Osen are the creative minds behind funky Aussie label TMOD. They’ve designed this nifty DIY macramé kit. I’m seriously considering trying it out. Only you know how I went with learning to crochet

Natural Macrame Kit by TMOD
TMOD DIY Macrame Kit in natural
(Image from TMOD)

The girls assure me this DIY kit will make me feel proud of my craftsmanship. I would believe them, except that my crochet teacher said she could teach anyone how to crochet. I was very definitely the exception to THAT rule.

The kit apparently comes with simple easy to follow instructions to make it, then hang it in my home, and fill the glass jar with a plant, flowers, make a terrarium or even house a gold-fish?!

It includes 10 metres of rope, 4 wood beads, a glass jar, 1 ring (to hang it from), and weaving instructions…

TMOD DIY (completed) Macrame in mint and natural
TMOD DIY (completed) Macrame in mint and natural
(Image from TMOD)

The kit sells for AU$39.95 from the TMOD online store. There are also a variety of international stockists listed here.

What do you think? Should I risk it?


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Comments (8)

I’m blushing to admit that I have macrame hangers made millions of years ago by me still hanging on my patio and one sunny window. I can’t think of a better way to hang plants. It really is a lovely craft made ugly by being a fad at one time.

And, now its considered lovely again, Jan. You’re actually ahead of the trend!

My father was sick when we were children and he did macrame, I guess to pass the time. Dad recovered and the flower pot hangers were used for many years from memory.

It’s funny what triggers memories, isn’t it? There is something quite lovely about macrame flower pot hangers. Perhaps I shall have to attempt one, Kirsty. It couldn’t be more disastrous than the crochet attempt, could it…?

Just get knotted I say. Peace

Perhaps I just might… 🙂

I did macrame when I was a kid. Even though I can’t remember anything specific about it, I cringed when I considered the thought of taking it back up again. I think I must have had some major macrame misadventure that I’ve blocked out of my memory.

Some say the best way to overcome adversity is to look it straight between the eyes. Perhaps taking up macrame again is the answer for you, SSFAM…?

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