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Domenica More Gordon LOVES Dogs!

Bella the Poodle

When I first met the lawyer man and he told me he had a dog, I was expecting a Staffy (or something similar).  You can imagine my disappointment when he informed me that he had a poodle, and a miniature one at that.  I thought poodles were sort of Claytons dogs.  You know what I mean – dogs for people who aren’t serious about having dogs…  And then I met her.  It’s impossible not to fall in love with Bella.  Now, I can’t imagine life without her.  As I write this, she’s lying underneath my chair.

Domenica More Gordon clearly loves dogs, too.  And, I mean all dogs.  She also loves toys, and through her amazing dry felting creations attempts to revive the special feeling of attachment one has for toys as a child.  I think she’s incredibly clever both in terms of her art, and the emotions her creations evoke.  Just looking at pictures of her wee dogs makes me smile.  I promise you, it’s worth a look at her website.

Domenica More Gordon Group
Domenica More Gordon's Dogs
You can read an interview with Domenica here.  

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Comments (10)

Oh my god I want one! They are adorable 😉

Aren’t they?!?! She is a very clever woman.

I love the photo of your poodle, they are a very smart dog, and are also adorable.
I loved the photo from your link, very nice.

Thank You for visiting my blog. 🙂

Thanks Mags! She IS a smart dog, and much loved!

Appreciate the comment.

What a delightful poodle! She looks much better behaved than mine 🙂

Bella is a cutie and I love her creations, thanks for bringing them to my attention 🙂

My pleasure! Very happy you like her work. I think she’s amazing – her creations are both clever whimsical.

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