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Dover Street Market is in my sights…

Dover Street Market Star Wars Window
Comme des Garçons Shirt x Star Wars Window, designed by Rei Kawakubo
(Image from DSM)

The only thing important to me is making clothes.” (Rei Kawabuko, founder Comme des Garçons)

I’ve already mentioned my love of Comme des Garçons to you in a past post (here!). And, now that LM and I are definitely tootling off to Paris and London in September for a wee sojourn, I can really let loose on my retail fantasy world (because usually I am so circumspect about it, yes?). I gotta’ say, Dover Street Market is pretty high on my list (along with Liberty, Deyrolle, Epice), if for nothing else than to salivate over the ever-so-stylish wares.

The latest launch is the Comme des Garçons Shirt x Star Wars collaboration. It features iconic imagery from the legendary films. I’m really quite interested in having a look-see at the collection (despite not being a massive Star Wars fan). I find it an interesting partnership – I was 9 when the first Star Wars film was released, which makes me old, so there is a definite retro feel to this range.

Flicking through the Dover Street Market web-site, there are a few wee bits ‘n’ bobs I’m keen to see…

CDG Star Wars Collection
CDG Star Wars Collection
(Image from DSM)
Marimekko Comme des Garçons Special T-Shirt
Marimekko Comme des Garçons Special T-Shirt
(Image from DSL)
Red Play Ladies' Blouse (White)
CDG Red Play Ladies’ Blouse (White)
(Image from DSM)
CDG Wallet iPad Case (Green SA0203)
CDG Wallet iPad Case (Green)
(Image from DSM)
CDG Super Fluo (Orange/Blue SA8100SF)
CDG Super Fluo (Orange/Blue)
(Image from DSM)
CDG Colour Embossed A (Orange)
CDG Colour Embossed (Orange)
Sorry Gwynnie, this trumps the Coach travel wallet I have by miles…
(Image from DSM)

And, I didn’t even get started on the mens selection.

Dover Street Market can be found at 17 – 19 Dover Street, London W1S 4LT. If you aren’t in the neighbourhood, their online store can be accessed here.

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Comments (8)

You ARE NOT OLD! And, I am so jealous of your September trip!

Ahhh, SSFAM… honestly? – I don’t really feel old BUT I know for a fact the teenager thinks I am ancient! I guess it’s all relative.
I am just the teensiest bit excited about the September trip! 🙂

OK now you are really rubbing it in…. is their any room for me to come with you??? I love the Marimekko top – I have to admit I have never watched Star Wars – I think that makes me a rare commodity!

I think you are #3 in the queue to squeeze into my suitcase, BCD. Trouble is, I may be able to get you over there, but my suitcase will likely be too full to get you back again…

love the colour embossed wallet. nice size and very chic 🙂

It’s quite yummy, isn’t it? Orange is my very favouritist colour…

So do I, my blog bud’. So do I.

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