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Emily Barletta and Her Red Thread…


The Sum of Parts Poster Exhibition Poster featuring Emily Barletta

Fresh after her recent exhibition at the group showing, ‘The Sum of the Parts’ at the Maryland Art Place in Baltimore, the very talented Emily Barletta has just added some new works to her portfolio.  I think they are gorgeous in their simplicity, especially when compared to some of her more complex (yet equally fab’) pieces.

Have a look some of the new stitched pieces and see what you think:

Untitled Big Circle by Emily Barletta
Untitled (big circle) by Emily Barletta (2011)
thread and paper
Untitled 2 by Emily Barletta
Untitled 2 by Emily Barletta (2011)
thread and paper
Untitled by Emily Barletta
Untitled 10 by Emily Barletta (2011)
thread and paper

Apparently, Ms Barletta has loved needlework and crafts since her childhood in Utah.  After graduating from Baltimore’s Maryland Institute College of Art with a bachelor’s degree in fibre arts, she embarked on a path utilising techniques she had previously used in her hobbies and applying them to fine art.

I love the way her work has an organic feel to it, and the way she interprets old home-style crafts into incredible and detailed modern works of fibre art.

I would love the ‘untitled 10′ piece for my wall.

Alternatively, a bowl of these would make me happy:

Untitled Rocks by Emily Barletta
Untitled (rocks) by Emily Barletta (2010)
thread, felt, and rocks, mixed sizes

Go and check out some of her other work at  It’s amazing!

(All images sourced from Emily Barletta’s website)

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Comments (12)

I love the thread and paper (the top image). Imagine that in Japanese hieroglyphics?!

I think Ms Barletta is super-talented. I think she resides in your neck of the woods now… along with all the cool crowd! 🙂

These are really beautiful and so simple

Aren’t they? Glad you like ’em 2BD.

Very inspired to get my needle and thread out! They are really simple and cute.

It’s like that famous modern art quote: Modern Art = I could do that + Yeah, but you didn’t. I feel like that a lot

I think that is where the beauty in Emily Barletta’s pieces lie, although do agree about being inspired to get out my needle and thread. 🙂

Some people just have a gift with their hands to be able to do such fine work, very talented indeed.

The trick is, I think, to find your wee gift… 🙂

I love art with texture! Beautiful!

She’s a clever one, isn’t she?

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