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Epice Spices Things Up…

épice scarf
(Image from here)
épice scarf
(Image from here)

Well, it wouldn’t be a trip to Paris without one or two beautiful scarf acquisitions now, would it? And, one of my favourite scarf labels has got to be épice.

Launched by Bess Nielsen and Jan Machenhauer in 1999 with the goal of creating gorgeous textiles for pleasure – subtlety of colour, softness of touch and beautiful weaves and prints, an épice number guarantees you many admiring comments (I know because I always get them when I’m wearing my, to date, sole épice scarf).

épice scarf
(Image from here)
épice scarf
(Image from here)

And, for you fashion forward boys who like to accessorise… Don’t think you miss out. Epice has been creating their mens collection since 2006. With the same authenticity and style, and quite fabulous enough for us to ‘borrow’ when the urge strikes…

épice scarf for men (& sometimes women!)
(Image from here)

If you are lucky enough to be heading to Paris, the Epice showroom is at 79, rue des Archives, 75003 Paris. Otherwise, their website is charming. You can get to it here.

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Comments (25)

I wish I could figure out how to make scarves look right on me. They seem to be the equivalent of ballet shoes in making me look short and frumpy. Of course, maybe I should just stop blaming the clothes…

Woman – please tell Cap’n Firepants to give you a good shake. Please. I am POSITIVE ballet flats nor scarves make you look short ‘n’ frumpy. Get that? – P O S I T I V E ! And, if you like ’em, buy ’em. Who cares what others might think?

A very good excuse to go to Paris. Of course the credit card statement I got this morning is saying otherwise! 🙂

We can compare statements after I get back – it won’t be pretty! I feel your pain.

V jealous – how long are you away for? Enjoy

four weeks! Yahoo! Any fab’ wee finds in London you want to share, BCD?

Apart from those little posts I am afraid i only got to spend a couple of days there…. if you can stay at the highroad house then that is amazing. Also take a trip to Shoreditch especially for a couple of crafty cocktails! Fingers crossed you will have some slightly better weather than us…. and take a book for passport control as it is a nightmare!

Ahhh yes – Heathrow is awful, which is why we are coming on the Eurostar from Paris.

good plan…. I have just received a book call the London Style Guide in the post which is a new book by Saskia Graville. It has only just been published and is in the bookshops in London…. It is packed with all the best little places to stay, eat, and shop…. so I would recommend you grab yourself a copy it is about 16 pounds but well worth it – as it is hot off the press everything will be in place ( it is part of the same range of books like the Stylists Guide to NY by Sibella Court!)… I will have a flick through and let you know if anything stands out but it goes by suburb!

Hey BCD – thanks so much for this tip. I shall head over to Amazon this morning… 🙂

The book depository is really good and no postage from the UK

Ooops! – too late! Ah well, the AU$ is about as strong as it gets…

now you are really rubbing it in!! 😉

I know my reach is far, BCD – but, even I have no impact on the exchange rate…

Je suis tres jealous! Cheers Cherie

All that food! All those galleries! (dancing a wee dance in my living room…)

Looks like this is worth a peek while I am there! Loving these designs J!

Definitely, S. These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many gorgeous designs to choose from.

Lovely. Nice scarves are so beautiful. Yet, I never where them. Perhaps I need one of these to get me started 🙂

You could do far worse! 🙂

That would be “wear” or perhaps I did mean “where”, since I don’t know “where” my scarves are 🙂

I love scarves! That chevron one is to die for!

Hey Clair Ashley – Cheers for popping by! This is merely the tip of the iceberg with the Epice range. Just sublime!

The Epice team are pretty talented, B. This is only a tiny example of their yummy range.

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