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Essentials: My No Frills ‘Go To’ AIP-Friendly Salad Dressing

Essentials No Frills Salad Dressing

Today I bring you my easy-peasy ‘Go To’ AIP-Friendly Salad Dressing. This is my no-frills number. I could almost make it in my sleep.

If you’ve never before made your own salad dressing, you won’t believe how good it tastes. Especially compared to the pre-made stuff you buy at the supermarket. Or just how easy it is.

This summer has been a doozy in Sydney. Hot and humid. And, despite my love of all things soup, there were weeks when it was just too hot to make soup over the past few months.

Enter my idiot-proof, no fail, ‘go to’ salad dressing.

What do you do when it’s too hot to spend time in the kitchen? You crank up the BBQ and throw together a salad, that’s what!

I have a bit of a salad-making reputation. To be honest, I think this stems more from my presentation skills than anything else. Because a good salad is easy.

No really – it is.

All a good salad requires is some top-notch ingredients and a little care.

I start with my dressing.

And all it takes is extra virgin olive oil,  apple cider vinegar, a little garlic, a dash of salt and some honey to taste. Shaken not stirred.

“It takes four men to dress a salad: a wise man for the salt, a madman for the pepper, a miser for the vinegar, and a spendthrift for the oil.” – anonymous

In our house, it takes just one person to dress a salad. And, it’s usually me.

Essentials No Frills Salad Dressing

Want the recipe? Here’s how to make my ‘Go To’ AIP-Friendly Salad Dressing.

Just click on the button to download the recipe card (No details required)!

And, as with most things in my arsenal of idiot-proof AIP tips and tricks, I have a salad making formula. I follow a fairly consistent process. Every time!

Essential;s No Frills Salad Dressing

My salads are made simply. I take my lettuce-of-choice. A lot of it. Even more than you would expect from an AIP coach! And, at it’s most basic, I add avocado, some sort of protein (usually cooked on the BBQ), and usually some fruit. Because even the most ardent anti-salad people enjoy fruit!

Step 1. Wash, spin and shred my lettuce of choice
Step 2: Dress the lettuce with my ‘Go To’ AIP-Friendly Salad Dressing
Step 3: Portion lettuce onto plates or bowls of choice
[Step 4: (optional) Add additional vegetables – grated carrot, sliced radish, cucumber, micro-herbs, spring onions, roasted vegetables and a side of fermented veggies. Of course, you can also add a few nuts if they have been successfully reintroduced]
Step 5: Top with roughly equal-sized cubes of avocado, protein, and fruit

Some combos we’ve enjoyed over the summer:

  • Cos (romaine) + chicken thighs + peach + avocado
  • Butter lettuce + lamb steaks + grapes + avocado
  • Mixed leaves + sirloin + blueberries + avocado
  • Endive (chicory) + leftover pork belly + mango + avocado

What’s your favourite salad combo?

Essentials No Frills Salad Dressing

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