Fancy Schmancy Easter Greetings…

There's always one party-pooper, isn't there...(Image from here)
There’s always one party-pooper, isn’t there…
(Image from here)

Here’s hoping you all get LOTS of GREAT quality chocolate eggs this Easter…


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You have yourself a fancy- schmancy one too

It was pretty low key with some lovely meals thrown in for good measure, BCD.

I agree. Tricked out eggs are pretty slutty.

Ha! So glad we are of a mind on this matter, J 🙂

Gosh, that egg is nothing compared to what Dimples’ eggs will be wearing when she gets done – glitter and nail polish are part of the plan…

What an eggstremely rude egg 🙂 Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

There is ALWAYS one…! 🙂

LOL! There’s always one! Have a wonderful Easter.

How’s Paris? More importantly, how are you coping without Oscar?

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