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Some of My Favourite AIP Things – Tried and True Recipes from Around the Traps

Favourite AIP Things
AIP pancakes are a thing!
Want to learn about some of my favourite AIP things?
In this case, ten of the tried and true recipes from around the traps that are on semi-permanent rotation at my place.
Favourite AIP Things

There is something reassuring about knowing a recipe you’re about to try for the first time works because it comes recommended by someone who makes it frequently, don’t you think?

This listicle is 100% AIP-friendly. All of the recipes are bloody good. All of them are recipes I have on repeat.

Let’s be clear – they are not the only recipes I have on repeat. But they are the first ten that were top of mind.

You can’t be good at everything! (<– there’s a truism!) So, I’m really pleased to be sharing some of my favourite AIP things by way of these recipes from some of my blogging compadres… Some of these babies have become so entrenched in my life, I no longer need to follow the recipe. Others, I wheel out when a particular mood strikes.

May you enjoy these recipes as much as I do!

1. Sophie’s No Nightshade Ratatouille from over at A Squirrel in the Kitchen

Even though my good mate Sophie is a recipe developer extraordinaire, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think this is my favourite ever squirrel recipe… Yep. I know that’s fighting talk. There are a LOT of excellent recipes on Soph’s blog and in her cookbooks.  But this is gold!

I would never have thought a nightshade-free ratatouille was possible. Trust me when I tell you – it is!

This is one of those great numbers that you can whip up and then portion up. It actually improves after a day in the fridge, too – where the flavours have time to marry together in a magical way.

I ♥︎ this dish.

2. Kate’s Sautéed Chicken Livers with Riced Cauliflower, Collards, and Herbs from Healing Family Eats

Katus-Maximus. That’s my nick-name for Kate because she is such a genius when it comes to creating recipes that are so much more than the sum of their parts.

And, this über nutrient-dense all-in-one dish is a great example of this.

Unless you are new to AIP, by now you know all about the incredible health benefits of eating more liver, a veritable nutritional powerhouse. Well, this number is my go-to for ‘liver night’. It’s so delish’, and easy to whip up – all the work is in the chopping before-hand.

☆☆☆☆☆ (5 stars!)

3. Alaena’s Cinnamon Plantain Fritters from Grazed and Enthused

I think this is my most Instagrammed dish! I make it so often the ingredients are programmed into my brain.

I’m a bit AIP old school when it comes to breakfast. Hash is my default option. But, on Saturdays, because David has such a sweet tooth – we often indulge in Alaena’s #bloodyfabulous fritters. They are SO good!

More often than not, I whip up a raspberry (or blueberry) coulis – a simple process of gently simmering a generous amount of frozen berries with a little maple syrup until just right, and serve the fritters with a generous dollop of coconut yogurt.

It is a real AIP-friendly treat (and feels deliciously naughty and indulgent).

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4. Sarah’s Puerto Rican Inspired Green Plantain Mash (Mofongo) from The Paleo Mom

Well, no introductions required for this AIP guru, but perhaps a bit of a nudge from me to try Sarah’s mofongo…

This stuff is a REVELATION!

And, if you are one of those AIP peeps who is struggling a smidge with mashed potato withdrawal, let me introduce you to the wonder that is mofongo. This is comfort food in a bowl. And it tastes AMAZING!

I can literally eat this ambrosia all on its own, but if you feel the very sensible need to create a more nutrient-dense offering, may I suggest serving it with some of my herbed slow-cooked lamb shanks and a side of wilted greens?

5. Michelle’s Cracklin’ Chicken from Nom Nom Paleo

It sometimes feels as if the whole world knows about Michelle’s Cracklin’ Chicken (at the time of posting, it had been pinned over 83,000 times!). But, on the very slight off chance that you have yet to give it a go – it is GENIUS.

We don’t actually eat a lot of chicken here, but when we do, thighs are my cut of choice. And, Michelle’s number is so easy and so yummy and so EVERYTHING that it’s easy to see why it has become the stuff of legends.

This really is one of those ‘ace up your sleeve’, kid-friendly ones to add to your repertoire.

Oh – and, I do recommend a splatter guard!


Despite the fact (or perhaps because of it) I grew up on my Mum’s not quite AIP-friendly chicken liver pâté, I tend to stick with what I know when it comes to things pâté and offal.

That changed when about 12-months ago when I was first introduced to Mickey’s AWESOME recipe by my very fabulous AIP buddy, Anna. (That’s a pic of Anna and me on the day she had me sampling Mickey’s mousse for the first time below).

We all know that Mickey is a trusted resource when it comes to nutrient-dense AIP recipes that work, but this mousse-y number is EXTRA good.

And – here’s a tip for young players – freeze your pâté (or mousse!) I freeze mine in wee glass pottles. It defrosts in no time and is great served on apple slices.

Favourite AIP Things
Fellow AIPer and special mate, Anna-banana (and me)

7. Stephanie’s Healing Green Broth from Fresh Tart

Stephanie’s healing green broth (HGB!) is LIFE CHANGING! Really.

It’s also crazy-delicious.

This simple little nutrient-dense concoction is full to the absolute brim with goodies to support your gut health, with bone broth, leafy greens, herbs, salt, happy fats and more. Once you master the basic equation, you can play with ingredients to suit your palate and it is the perfect accompaniment to a light meal or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

When I was first introduced to Stephanie’s green elixir, I did her 30-day challenge. And now, it’s become an integral part of every AIP Reset I undertake.

8. Jo’s Thai-Inspired Turkey Meatball and Coconut Curry from Comfort Bites Blog

This dish epitomises my lovely friend Jo. It’s unpretentious, and full of flavour, and makes you feel good. Just like Jo, really.

If you’re after a warming meal-in-a-bowl full of goodness, this is the recipe for you. So often when you’re following a healing diet like AIP, it can seem like spicy foods are a distant memory. Well, no more. Jo is the queen of adding a bit of zing to allergy-friendly (read: nightshade-free) recipes.

And, if you love this one, Jo has a whole cookbook of AIP numbers that you’ll love – SPICE is well worth checking out.

9. Martine’s No-Bake Fruit Cake Bites from Eat Heal Thrive

To be honest, I have a few of the ever-gorgeous Martine’s recipes on rotation, but I am particularly partial to these wee morsels of yumminess.

They are good anytime, but at Christmas time when you’re missing traditional Christmas fruitcake, one or two of these little balls are an absolute game-changer.

One of the very best things about Martine’s balls (as I call them) is that you may well have all the ingredients already in your pantry.

Absolutely scrummy!

10. Cara’s Grain-Free Tortillas from Fork and Beans

I suspect that Cara’s grain-free tortilla recipe was one of the very first to go bananas on the interweb back in early 2015. It’s so ubiquitous you’ll find the recipe on the back of the Otto’s Cassava Flour packet!

Grain-free tortillas are one of those life-saving little inventions on AIP – perfect when you’re in need of something carby, great vehicles for traditional tortilla-type meals, but also crisp up nicely when baked in the oven.

This recipe has saved my AIP bacon at times!

Now it’s YOUR turn! I’d love to know what you consider your tried and true recipes? I’d love you to comment below!

Want to know the all-time MOST popular recipe from me? – It’s these sugar-free, cinnamon and coconut fat bombs.
Favourite AIP Things

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Comments (8)

Well yes and no, Jo. I do love a tried and true recipe, BUT when they come from overseas the measurements often aren’t equivalent (and don’t always say so). This can make baking hazardous! And when ingredients are hard to source because they aren’t locally available, that I find is also stressful. I’ve trekked to Newtown to get plantains and then been disappointed, or have gone way over the other side of Sydney to get cassava – which make great chips, but it’s a long trek. Having said that I LOVE your recipes and I too have my favourites.

As you know my picnic favourite is Kate Jay’s Pork + Chicken Liver Terrine with Spiced Apple Compote. Coincidentally, my two favourite winter meals are also from Kate Jay; Chicken with Cider Vinegar Cream and Caramelised Apples, and, Beef Stew with Orange and Cranberries.
My favourite breakfast is Petra’s Rhubarb, ginger, bok choy with bacon.

I have a zillion recipes that I have downloaded, but I haven’t tried them all. But the faves get brought out time and time again, and often get adapted and then I don’t even remember the original recipe. Maybe it’s time for a Sydney recipe book?

It looks like lovely Katus-Maximus is a clear winner in your recipe stakes, Miss Mel’! And, since I’ve sampled the Pork + Liver Terrine with Spiced Apple Compote that you made, I can attest to how bloody good it is.

To be honest, I don’t do too much baking – which is where the difference in measurements really matters. But, I agree it can be problematic .

I have found Harris Farm now often has plantains – is your nearest one at Manly?

A Sydney Community Recipe Book may be a go-er…

What a good day to come and check out Miss Jo’s blog post. Thank you Melanie, I’m honoured ☺️

Thanks so much for including me in your A-list Jo. I’d love to eat chicken livers with you some day!

It’s a date! …and you know there’s a bed for you here.

Pretty sure Melanie would be keen to meet the great Katus-Maximus!

I have made several recipes from Racheal Bryant’s cookbook Nourish so many times I have them memorized: German potato salad, red cabbage and fennel slaw and the lemony yellow squash soup. I also love Kate Jay’s liver and onions with mashed cauliflower and collards.

Nourish is one of my personal favourites, too (and I have been after Kate for AGES to put out a cookbook!)

I have all the ingredients to make your Haus Kraut this weekend. Can’t wait until it’s ready! <3

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