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Feel-good Friday: Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That)

FOTC Support Red Nose Day
FOTC Support Red Nose Day
(Image from NZ Herald)

Remember Bob Geldof’s Live Aid concert back in 1985? Well, if you answered yes to that question, you’re officially old! Even if you’re too young to remember, the latest number from Flight of the Conchords and friends, and the accompanying video is going to give you enough warm-fuzzies to last all weekend. Promise!

Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That) was written and recorded by Bret and Jemaine for last week’s TV3 charity special Red Nose Day: Comedy for Cure Kids in New Zealand. The song hit No. 1 on iTunes after the show, and – after watching the vid’ –  I am not surprised.

The song’s lyrics came from primary school children at Clyde Quay School in Wellington and Grey Lynn School in Auckland, who were interviewed by Bret and Jermaine about their feelings on fundraising for the cause.

According to one of the ‘lyrical contributors’ (is that a term?), they need to raise “a million, and a hundred, ten and twenty-one dollars”. I shall be downloading my copy from iTunes.

Oh, and while I implore you to watch the vid’ – it is hilarious (even straight-faced Jermaine can’t prevent a smile) – do yourself a favour and grab a beverage before sitting comfortably. It’s 14 minutes long…


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Oh TSL, I love this so much – and we’re clearly on the same wavelength, I was going to make it my Friday post too! That extended version with the interviews had me snorting with laughter, so many funny moments…what rhymes with better? Feta! And what rhymes with hospital? Lospital! Must make you so proud to be a Kiwi – it’s fantastic. Happy Friday…and open up the lids! 🙂

Sparks – FOTC are a unique talent. Really special, I think. It was just genius to have the kids come up with the lyrics – not sure if you noticed, but they referenced the Prime Minister buying couches in the song (“Stop buying couches, John”).

I think one of the lovely things about being a Kiwi, is because our country is so small, not to mention geographically isolated, we tend to get behind a cause as a collective group – let’s hope it happens here!

Don’t let the fact that I posted about Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That) stop you, my friend. The more the merrier.

YES!! I discovered this on Sunday. I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. I just keep hitting repeat. It’s fantastic!! Jemaine and Bret are my super (duper!) heroes. T. (The little ones are adorable. And so witty. What imaginations. I could go on and on and on. . .)

FOTC are my heroes, to, T. I saw them in concert earlier in the year – just brilliant.

so funny, kids are just pure raw entertainment….and yes I am officially old!

I love the wee girl in pink “well, usually I like to write songs about myself, but not this time”… I’m old, too!

Wonderful! I love, love, love it!

SSFAM – Are you familiar with FOTC from their TV series based out of New York? If not – check out ‘Business Time’ on You Tube – it’s hilarious.

What can I say? Though barely, I was a pretty ‘with it’ 8 year old. I’m officially old!! I’m back J, it’s good to be back!

Soooo good to have you back, my blogging bud’. Can’t wait to read about your travels. 🙂

Oh thanks for sharing! I love flight of the conchords so much, we had ‘it’s business time’ played at our wedding to announce us haha! They are absolute geniuses. Send them over to the uk please!

I love that you played Business Time at your oh so fab’ looking wedding! How cool!

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