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For Jeremy Brown, Love is Art…


A slightly titillating post for this hump day…
Life is Art Black Painting with Mint Pic

Love is Art is a kit that comes with everything a couple needs to safely make a tangible piece of abstract (and expressionistic) art together. You and your partner put down the canvas, cover yourself with paint, and then use your bodies to spread the paint around, creating a unique piece of abstract art in the process. You then take your one-of-a-kind (truly!) abstract painting to your unsuspecting local framer to have it stretched for hanging.

LIA Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown (sourced from Daily Grommet)

Love is Art is the brainchild of South African-born Jeremy Brown.  Inspired by French artist Yves Klein and pieces by Andy Warhol, Jeremy Brown has been making abstract art for over ten years.  After first complimenting him on a piece in his own home, a friend asked him to provide her with the equipment she might need to create her own piece of art with her husband.  The idea of Love is Art was born.

Life is Art Black Painting with Red Couch

I have a wee bit of a ‘thing’ about Yves Klein (as you can see here), so I’m loving the Klein Blue version of Love is Art….

LIA Klein Blie Painting

According to Jeremy Brown,”Art takes patience, dedication, practice, creativity, open mind, and an open heart…so does love. Love is art.”

What do you think?

(All images, other than that of Jeremy Brown, sourced from here)

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The Little Sister

Does the kit come with chocolate, mud or jelly?

This is an ‘art’ post. I think you may have the wrong blog… 🙂

K, that’s just LOL funny. Very clever!

It looks nice, something a bit different. 😀

It is that! Truly original! 🙂

Love is art, art is love, the two are the same – and yet different….and the possibilities! I like the finished product…especially the blue!

The blue is my favourite, too. I just love that Klein Blue colour. Yummy!

I think I fell in love with art at High School when Mr Jones laid a canvas on the ground, dolloped buckets of Yves Klein blue (or maybe school ed ultramarine) over 2 students and let them cavort. It was the 70’s, the 2 boys one dark-haired and one light-haired took a bow. I remember wishing myself a piece of canvas that big and in a warehouse in New York. Love the idea, let’s hope that those DIY shows never see or hear of this.

THAT is a great story! Is Mr Jones aware of the impact he has had on your life?

Totally agree with you on the DIY shows, too. Cheers, PaintLater!

A strange world, I ran into Mr Jones (this time his long blonde pony tail was grey along with his beard) when having to present my artist portfolio. He was impressed with my work and asked who had been my teachers. Unfortunately he was not directly one of my art teachers and I was a little nervous and didn’t want to gush. Looking back I wish I had told him. Maybe a blog is justified now. Cheers Sue

I think there must be no greater compliment for a teacher than when a student – years later – tells of the (positive) impact their teaching has made. Just saying! 🙂

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