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Hana Pesut Does the Old ‘Switcheroo’…


Image of Sandra & Simon by Hana Pesut, 'Switcheroo'

Image of Sandra & Simon by Hana Pesut, 'Switcheroo' Series
Sandra & Simon by Hana Pesut, ‘Switcheroo’ Series
(Images © Hana Pesut 2012)

They used to photograph Shirley Temple through gauze. They should photograph me through linoleum. (Tallulah Bankhead)

I come from a family of indifferent photographers. I remember a time as a teenager – back in the olden days, when you had to wait until your film was developed before seeing what your pictures looked like – when my father got some film developed and there was a span of almost ten years between the first and last image. True story.

My photographic skills are no better. I’m a snapper, really. Point-and-shoot cameras were designed with people like me in mind. All the images taken by me on this blog are done on my iPhone. Getting the picture…?

Actually, it’s really only since I started blogging that I have become interested in photography as an art form. The web is a great medium from which to share images. As a result, I’m sure followers of TSL will not be surprised to learn that I am completely captivated by the kooky images of Hana Pesut and her ‘Switcheroo’ series.

According to her bio, Hana is a self-taught photographer currently living in Vancouver. Her main focus in photography is getting the ‘little moments’ that people sometimes miss and later wish they had captured. She hopes to inspire others to take more photos in their day to day life. I reckon’ if I prove to be a better photographer than crochet-er, she’s converted one more person to her cause!

See what you think…

Image of Amy & Joe by Hana Pesut, 'Switcheroo'

Image of Amy & Joe by Hana Pesut, 'Switcheroo'
Amy & Joe by Hana Pesut, ‘Switcheroo’ Series
(Images © Hana Pesut 2012)

Image of Sarah & Carl by Hana Pesut, 'Switcheroo'

Image of Sarah & Carl by Hana Pesut, 'Switcheroo'
Sarah & Carl by Hana Pesut, ‘Switcheroo’ Series
(Images © Hana Pesut 2012)

Image of Nick & Margaret by Hana Pesut, 'Switcheroo'

Image of Nick & Margaret by Hana Pesut, 'Switcheroo'
Nick & Margaret by Hana Pesut, ‘Switcheroo’ Series
(Images © Hana Pesut 2012)

Image of Mallory & Norman by Hana Pesut, 'Switcheroo'

Image of Mallory & Norman by Hana Pesut, 'Switcheroo'
Mallory & Norman by Hana Pesut, ‘Switcheroo’ Series
(Images © Hana Pesut 2012)

Another simple yet inspired idea! There are loads more examples of the old ‘Switcheroo’ on Hana Pesut’s website here. I think her images are just fab’.

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Comments (29)

How much fun must they have had creating those! Love the guys trying to fit into little tops and tight jeans, 🙂

I think the boys are pretty good sports, don’t you? I can just imagine the conversations that went on with their partners beforehand… 🙂

Ha ha yes would have been amusing

OMG! I might have to think of a version of this to have my students try – not cross-dressing, though, as the parents might not appreciate that. I like the concept, though! How fun!

Can you imagine – cross-dressing your primary school students. I can see it now! I’m sure the kids would have a field day, but the parents… It would make the news all the way down here! 🙂

I do try my best to stay out of the news as much as possible. Although that would be a slightly amusing way to go down in flames.

I think this is a wise philosophy to live by (one I rather suspect Julian Assange now wished he had followed)… 🙂

way too funny – the clothes take on new meanings! The best part was your story about developing the film with a 10 year span. No WAY! I loved developing photos though. There was that feeling of seeing the ‘unexpected’!

LM says there’s just no way he will be dressing up in my clothes and sharing the pics with the world. Not even for art!

I really don’t think my husband would fit into my clothes unless I chose a mu-mu dress!

M – I just can’t imagine you in a mu-mu dress…

haha – my mum is a fan of the mu-mu…

I. Adore. This. So inspired! So awesome! What a find, this is one of my fave finds of yours J! Just excellent and my smile and inspo for the day!

Coolio, Shira. That make me happy! 🙂 Such a great concept, isn’t it?

Yes. I love offbeat stuff like this. Reminds me of what my youngest might get up to someday. Or tomorrow. 🙂

Isn’t that a magical thought?

Not so sure about the switcher thing, but I like your thoughts on photography. I learned photography in the “dark room” days, when you watched the image form in the semi-dark — always a surprise. I had long lost any serious interest in photography until I started blogging a few months ago. Now I am planning to get a “real” camera and try to relearn everything I’ve forgotten. I sometimes think blogging provides much more benefit to the blogger than to the reader….

100% with you on that last sentiment, J 🙂

Brilliant brilliant…keep them posts coming

We aim to please, B! 🙂 Will do…

I always think in measurements and sizes. How could some of these guys actually fit in the smaller size pants and tops? Look at the pants on the last picture. Very funny!
Maria, Hungary

Hi Maria! Glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Hana did! 🙂 Have a great weekend, Kristin

So adore this. Especially the stare from many of them that seems to suggest “yeah, so what? Wanna take a photo?”

Hey TOT! Cheers for stopping by. Isn’t it great? Especially given there’s no way my partner would ever agree to do this, EVEN for art! 🙂

Having a great Sunday morning here..having my morning coffee and catching up on blogs! Loved this post. Love this kind of humor.Definitely going to check out more of her work. I still have a bunch of film in a box just waiting to be developed…do I dare? God only knows what the pictures are of? Enjoy the rest of the weekend…or maybe I should be wishing you a good week already! julie

Yep – The weekend is over. (sniff!) Julie – I would like that film developed and a wee montage creatively, in a surface design kind of way, placed in a blog post, please!!!

So glad you enjoyed Hana’s work. I did, too!

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