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Hannah Haworth Knits Up a Whale of a Storm


Image of Hannah Haworth's White Noise installation

I fist saw an example of Hannah Haworth’s work on a post by polarfox.  Her life-size (10ft!) knitted beluga whale had me utterly fascinated.  Imagine coming up with the concept, let alone the logistics and effort required to complete it?  I thought it was incredible (and clearly, I am not alone in this).

Currently living in New York, Haworth was born in Scotland and spent much of her childhood in Asia.  She’s a nature-lover who loves storytelling and craft.

Check out some of her earlier installations…

Image of Hannah Haworth's The Hunt

Image of Hannah Haworth's Arctic Lunch

Image of Hannah Haworth's A Matter of Honour

Image of Hannah Haworth's Nest

How amazing is her work?  I just love that last image (it’s titled ‘Nest’!)

(All images sourced from Hannah Haworth here)

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Comments (12)

Too cute! Would you send me some for my grand-daughter? 🙂

I’m not sure you want me to take up the knitting needles, GG. Could be disastrous!

That’s absolutely amazing, I love the whale.

Me too! She hails from your neck of the woods.

I saw that, yes. All the photos you put up were wonderful but the whale stole the show.

Wow, the knitting is fantastic, but you just have to love that whale that is awesome. 😀

Amazing stuff! I like the 2nd to last one…got to admire someone so dedicated to a single craft!

You just like the bunny rabbits!

HOW did you know? Sheesh, you are too too clever!!

Amazing! Love the sled dogs!

Hey Tessa! Pretty amazing, aren’t they? 🙂

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