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Helena Seget Creates Quirky Porcelain Tiles for Animal Lovers

Paw Print Tiles by Helena Seget
Paw Print Tiles by Helena Seagate
(Image © Helena Seget)

According to Helena Seget, it’s a unique idea (and perhaps only animal lovers will understand it)… I think its wonderful.

One day, by chance, Helena’s pet rat ran across some floor-tiles she had been making. She noticed two things – that the running lines created an indelible memory of the living creature she had already struck up a relationship with; and that the accidental nature of the pattern produced a fascinating yet organic design in its own right.

Helena experimented further by laying the floor-tiles in a bathroom area, where she noticed a third thing – the fact that the prints were made by a creature she knew meant that, curiously, she never felt alone when in that room. The creature’s ‘genius’ inhabited the room.

And from there, the Paw Print Floor Tile project was born.

Helena’s tiles apparently attracts two kinds of buyers. Firstly, those who simply request paw-print patterns for kitchens, utility rooms, conservatories & bathrooms. As each set is custom-made, the patterns too are always different, and designed to fit the area and the clients’ own ideas.

But secondly, there are people who want their creatures to be fully involved in the process. Helena works with them and their pets (from gerbils to dogs!) to make fully individual tile-sets.

Helena says: “As someone who knows how significant the relationship can be between a human being and an animal, I find this way of working the most satisfying. And it’s amazing how the animal ‘lives on’ this way – even after it may have died.”

Paw Print Tiles by Helena Seget
Paw Print Tiles by Helena Seget
(Image © Helena Seget)
Paw Print Tiles by Helena Seget
Paw Print Tiles by Helena Seget
(Image © Helena Seget)

The tiles are made of porcelain fired to a high temperature, which makes them hard-wearing and resistant to discolouration, and can be ordered in any amount.

Helena does not lay the tiles herself, so you will need a competent floor tiler.
On the other hand, you could just buy one or two (or three or four) and use them for decoration!

Helena Seget is based in Newcastle upon Tyne. If you’d like to learn more about her work, or if you’d like to order some tiles, you can find out how here.

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Meow. Meow. Meow! Five Stars, er, Paws. I’m off now to explore the site. What a great idea. Perfect. “. . .she never felt alone when in that room. The creature’s ‘genius’ inhabited the room.” I love that. T.

I loved it, too, T. And, I can completely understand the sentiment. Isn’t it such a lovely concept?

Love and want these! But you already knew I would 😉

With Robbster AND Harrison, it might get a little crowded on your tiles, my sweet! 🙂

What a creative idea, love it! Although, I have a concern, TSL: do you think the animal tracks might put off potential buyers of an inner city apartment when it comes time for resale? Tile with caution, I say! 😉

Nah, Sparks – tile away, I reckon’. It adds a certain something – a conversation starter, if you will.

Love these TSL…..Pawfect (sorry could not resist). Great find I will have to book mark

Aren’t they great, BCD? I’d love them in a wee spot in my place (with Bella’s paw print, of course). I rather suspect shipping to Oz would be exorbitant, tho’….

How very cute! Purr-fect!

You’d need a big tile for Oscar, Lady Fi!

Me, too, Crazy. I want them in my house!

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