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Heston’s Way to a Perfect Soft-Boiled Egg

Boiled Egg with Soldier
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So, it’s Easter and it’s a long weekend AND (possibly most importantly) last night we watched the fabulous Heston Blumenthal on ‘How to Cook Like Heston’ teach us how to cook the perfect soft-boiled egg.  I have been lucky enough to attend a dinner cooked by the man himself (along with the equally fabulous Thomas Keller), and I have a teensy crush on him.

All good reasons, I think, to share Heston’s way with you. Nothing beats a perfect soft-boiled egg with soldiers for breakfast, I reckon’! Heston’s way will ensure you have a beautifully runny yolk BUT the white will be cooked.  The man is a legend!
Image from here

As with many things in life, it is not difficult BUT you must start with the freshest of ingredients.  In this case – eggs!

You will need:

  • Enough large eggs for one per person
  • Salt and Black Pepper
  1. Place the eggs in the smallest pan available and only add enough cold water to cover them. Put the lid on the pan and place over the highest heat possible.
  2. When the water comes to the boil, remove the pan from the heat and wait for 6 minutes.  (I will be using a timer.)
  3. After the time has elapsed, remove the lid and carefully remove each egg. Cut the top of each egg before serving in egg cups.
  4. (Optional) Eat your perfect eggs with your soldiers.

We’ll be having this after collecting our fresh eggs from the market tomorrow. Happy Easter!

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Comments (31)

Ah, eggs and soldiers! This reminds me of my childhood.

Me too! Thanks for stopping by S&S 🙂

One word : YUM!
Ok a few more words: I have to make this again – it’s the perfect breakfast!

The thing about Heston is you know there is science behind the practise, but it’s all about the taste.

in the end, taste matters the most. have you delved into the world of molecular gastronomy? science to the max!

Hell no, Girlfriend! 🙂

check out Ferran Adria,Spanish mastermind

I know – El Bulli one restaurant I would have LOVED to have made it to. Sadly, I missed the boat there, I think. NOMA is another one on the list (hard to swing by Scandinavia from Sydney, tho’!). We had some a m a z i n g dining in New York last year. Oh Marina – don’t get me started. THIS IS NOT A FOOD BLOG!!!! (and yes, I know I just posted a recipe!) 🙂

BTW – have a fab’ Easter, Chook. Loving all your fab’ pics. 🙂

I do love me an egg…’s the thing that made me give up veganism when I was pregnant! Is it just me or is this man just emanating awesomeness? Sounds (and looks) like he really is THE MAN.
I might just be cooking up some eggs for dinner…

LM reckons the reason I have a slight crush on Heston is because he is Heston’s double, only without the glasses. Between you and me, this is a wee bit of a stretch.

Hope you have a supa-dupa Easter, S

Well, if it helps at all, I’ve got a wee bit of a Clooney in this house 😉
Supa-Dupa Easter to you too!

Eggcellent! Sorry, couldn’t resist. I love soft boiled eggs but always overcook them so I shall be trying this over the long weekend.

BTW, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog and have chosen you as one of my recipients of the Sunshine Blogger Award and Genuine Blogger Award. Congratulations!

We can compare notes!

Many thanks for the nominations, 2BD. It’s always lovely to be recognised by a fellow blog buddy. Do you think yesterday’s post will keep me covered for a wee while?

Happy Easter from Sydney 🙂

You are very welcome, I’ve noticed that the blogging community in general are great at acknowledging each other. I think yesterday’s post will keep you covered for quite some time.

Happy Easter from the Gold Coast 🙂

I have just made Heston’s lemon (and egg) tart, also inspired by last night’s programme, and have to say it was scrumptious. Nice to have a long lazy weekend to cook up a storm.

Awww! Where was our piece? LM thinks your tart trumps my soft-boiled egg! (I think I agree with him!)

I have heard of it before. Better than boiling eggs, forgetting about them and ending burning them….

speaking of eggs – thank you for visiting art rat cafe. love your blog and have added this recipe to all of my other soft boiled egg recipes – maybe this one will work for me…my cooking’s a yoke!

Ha! Happy Easter to the Art Raat Cafe. Thanks for coming to say howdy. Heston is THE MAN. I’m sure he can assist… 🙂

“Soldiers” = buttered toast cut into strips (for dipping into the runny egg yolk). Clearly not a universal term. Sorry, J! 🙂

This was such a great show, I love the science of perfection in cooking and agree, he is totally crushable!

Lady Moss – can’t believe I overlooked your comment (apologies!) and yes – he is crushable!

Thanks for the details on Heston’s Way to a Perfect Soft-Boiled Egg This Sydney Life, it will be truly useful.

i followed the directioins perfectly and got HARD YOLKS!
Then this worked for me: bring to a boil and turn to minimum heat for 3.5 minutes. sorry Heston im sure your way would have worked for me if i had made them in your kitchen!

OH NO, Peter! That SUCKS! I’m sorry you wasted your lovely fresh eggs… Hope you had a fab’ Easter, anyway? 🙂

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