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Hockenheimer, ich glaube, ich liebe Dich…

njustudio hockenheimer with magazines and newspapers
Hockenheimer, I think I love you...

Is this not the best way imaginable to store all those magazines (or newspapers) that you just have to keep because you just might need them someday?

The ‘Hockenheimer’ is the brainchild of the oh-so talented njustudio, a German idea/design company from Coberg.  The team’s approach is one of humour, professionalism, independence and a desire to be unconventional.  I think they have succeeded in achieving that here.

njustudio Hockenheimer

The base of the Hockenheimer is made of birch, the pillows made by hand, and the leather straps custom made.  So simple, yet so brilliant AND stylish.

Was für eine erstaunliche Idee!

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I think this is brilliant!

I agree a fantastic idea. 😀

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