How Do You Live an AIP Way of Life?


How do YOU live an AIP way of life?

Whether you are an AIP newbie or a seasoned veteran, it’s inevitable that at some stage you realise that this AIP caper has become your way of life.

You start out thinking it’s all about the food – first with the elimination phase, and then with the reintroductions phase. This is followed by the very tangible and real understanding that comes when you experience health improvement from getting your sleep and stress under control.

But, what then? What comes after all of this? How do you develop your AIP way of life?

“Your AIP way of life is your personal template for the nutrient-rich diet you’ll continue to follow and the one that you know works for you. Plus, it’s your framework for making lifestyle choices that serve you, too. Importantly, it’s not static. It’s an organic and constantly evolving tool.” – yours truly

I share my strategies for living an AIP way of life in my most recent guest post over on The Paleo Mom – Living Beyond Elimination. I invite you to check it out.

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