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What I Do to Prepare for an AIP Reset

Prepare for AIP Reset

Today, I’m sharing how to prepare for an AIP Reset.
Well, technically, it’s how I prepare for one.
Because I recalibrate my AIP efforts often. Because it’s very human to stray from the protocol and experience AIP creepage. Because having a plan is one of the best ways for me to get my head back in the game.

Seasoned AIPers know that preparation is half the battle when it comes to staying the course on this health caper. And, they know that it’s about so much more than a diet.

After a period of indulging in a little too much of the good life over the past wee while, I’m now dealing with a mild HS flare. It’s my body’s way of telling me, in no uncertain terms that it really is time to stick to my AIP knitting. That is, get back to more of what serves me in terms of diet and lifestyle choices. And, also less of the ‘stuff’ that doesn’t serve me.

So, I’m gearing up to do my own AIP Reset in September. And, I thought you may like to know what I do to prepare for my personal AIP Resets…

This AIP caper isn’t for the faint-hearted. It takes a level of commitment that can seem daunting at times (and, indeed, for many AIP muggles it looks daunting ALL OF THE TIME!)

But, this isn’t my first rodeo. After well over five years into this crazy ride, I have undertaken more than my fair share of ‘back to basics’ AIP Resets… September will be just the latest!

So what do I do to prepare?
1. Get my nearest and dearest on board

For me, that’s my partner, David. But your support team doesn’t have to be limited to your partner.

And, yep. That is at the top of my list. Having his support makes a BIG difference when I’m having to really focus on nutrient density, sleep and stress management. When David understands, the whole process just goes a lot more smoothly. In fact, he’s like my one-man cheering squad:

  • He prepares 100% AIP-friendly meals on his nights to cook
  • We don’t plan any big social events for the month. Rather, we take the opportunity to have low key times together. Think evening walks at the beach and long sessions reading the paper in the sun over the weekend
  • He picks up the slack even more than usual
  • He checks in with me and encourages me to stay the course
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2. Get busy in the kitchen (but not too busy!)

Prepare for AIP Reset

AIP is all about preparation. When it comes to an AIP Reset, there are certain rituals I have to make my month flow just that little bit more smoothly.
  • A week or two (or three) before my AIP Reset is scheduled to begin, I do an audit of the pantry and order some of the more ‘hard to find’ ingredients. iHerb is my old faithful when it comes to one-stop shops.
  • I make a BIG batch of bone broth and freeze it into 500ml portions
  • I rice a LARGE cauliflower and freeze it in portion-sized containers
  • I ferment a BIG jar of vegetables, usually some variation on Hauskraut. or Golden Kraut. It’s VERY good for adding probiotic nutrient density to my plate and I aim for a generous spoonful with every savoury meal
  • I whip up a batch of chicken or duck liver pâté and freeze in small glass jars (perfect portion size) to have on hand to eat with apple or cucumber slices. The perfect light breakfast or lunch.
  • I prepare some sort of slow braise to have in the freezer for the nights I can’t face cooking. Current favourites are my You Won’t Believe it’s TOMATO-FREE Ragu Bolognese, which is a super speedy option over some zucchini noodles, and my RIDICULOUSLY GOOD Herbed Slow-Cooked Lamb Shanks. They really are ridiculously good!

During my AIP Reset month, I am a little more diligent about what I shop for at the farmers market.

3. Set some personal goals

Every time I embark on 30-days of AIP Reset, I think about my current priorities and what I want to achieve.

AIP is a BIG beastie. It is impossible to cover it all at the same time.

I have learnt that the best way for me to be successful is to break the framework down into more manageable sized ‘chunks’ and identify my top 3 priorities for me at any given time. These evolve and change depending on where I’m at. And, side benefit – this gives me something to celebrate when I reach the end of my 30-days, too!

This time:

  • Nutrient density is a consistent priority and it is common for one of my goals to reflect this. I think something fish and seafood-related may be the go for this round.
  • I’m currently on a bit of a personal mission to increase my incidental movement, so that’ll be a target.
  • Another area that requires a little bit of attention is time outside – both in the sun (it’s winter here in Sydney) and also in nature. I think setting an intention for more of this.

Do you have any idiot-proof ways you’ve devised to help you (re)find your AIP groove?

We spend some time setting goals at the beginning of each AIP Reset. I use this opportunity to hone very specific personal goals for myself that reflect my intentions.
If working on some of YOUR personal AIP goals within a supportive group of like-minded AIPers sounds like you, come and join us in September. It’s the final AIP Reset for This year –

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