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How to Speak ‘Down Under’

How to speak down under
That map is definitely not to scale!
How to speak down under

By ‘down under’, I mean Australia AND New Zealand. Because I have a foot on both sides of the ditch. In spite of my very short legs.

Only ever spouting on about the dos and don’ts of following an AIP way of life makes Jo a dull girl! So today, something a smidge different.

Today, I’m introducing the special receptacle for all my Aussie and Kiwi words and phrases and sayings and idioms and, and, and…

Just click on the button to be taken to the dictionary (and to start practising your down under lingo!)

If you stumble across a wee bit of Aussie or Kiwi terminology that you’d like me to add to my dictionary, just give me a bit of a cooee.
How to speak down under

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