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I Have a Crush on Peter Gordon…

Image of Peter Gordon taken by Jonathon Gregson
Image of Peter Gordon taken by Jonathon Gregson
(Image from here)

When I last lived in London, a million years ago now, I could often be found at The Providores and Tapa Room on Marylebone High Street. I loved it for its laid back Kiwi hospitality. I loved it for its most excellent flat whites. I loved it for its amazing cocktails. And, most of all, I loved it for the seriously great brunch menu.

When LM and I were in London earlier this year, I think we visited the Tapa Room four times for breakfast. It is still as good as I remember. If you are visiting London, a visit to Peter Gordon and Michael McGrath’s institution (it has been around since 2001), is well worth a look-see.

If you have not yet come across the understated and talented Mr Gordon, you should know that he is widely credited as being the ‘godfather’ of fusion cuisine. He is famous for his unique culinary philosophy where he mixes cuisines, flavours and styles of cookery. I think his food is also very clean on the palate. And, of course, the fact that he happens to hail from New Zealand, makes him just a wee bit special.

So, when I was out doing some last-minute Christmas shopping yesterday, I was very pleased to see Peter has come out with a new book. Better still, it is called ‘Everyday’ and is all about how one can create fusion-style food at home. Of course, I bought it (duh!). I have yet to cook from it but after spending a happy hour reading through it, I can tell you there are several recipes I want to try toot sweet…

Peter Gordon 'Everyday'
Peter Gordon ‘Everyday’ (Australasia Edition)

Five Spice Steamed Pork with Noodles and Broccoli, anyone…?

You can pick up a copy of Peter Gordon’s Everyday here. I think he’s fab’…

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Comments (10)

Very happy to sample the steamed pork and broccoli – just let me know when you are making it 🙂

Given it looks like the Sydney triumvirate will not, in fact, be catching up before Chrissie – perhaps a pot luck dinner may be the order of the day in the new year. I’ll be on steamed pork… 🙂

Sounds good…. i can do a raspberry pav!

Does LM know about this crush?

Yes. It’s a bit like his crush on Adriano Zumbo (In fact, he claims there are 3 of us in the relationship). My crush on Peter Gordon is fairly innocuous in comparison. 🙂

I have fallen out with Zumbo, he insists on using dairy.

Thanks for the recommendation.. haven’t explored enough of london’s culinary scene, don’t know where to start, really!

Brunch at The Providores. Seriously FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC!!!

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