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I Love Sydney – Sydney Dance Company

De Novo
Sydney Dance Company
De Novo – a mixed bill of premiere works
(Image from Sydney Dance Company)

Now there is in a way a renaissance of modern dance – suddenly, it is more respected and discovered. (Mikhail Baryshnikov)

I was not one of those girls who dreamt of becoming a ballet dancer. Pink was never my colour (and still isn’t). ‘Elegant’ and ‘graceful’ are not words that would ever be used to describe the way I move. In fact, I have been told I have a ‘purposeful stride’. I’m not even sure that’s a compliment.

Despite all that, I adore going to see the Sydney Dance Company when they perform.

Rafael BonachelaArtistic Director for the Sydney Dance Company (Image from Sydney Dance Company)
Rafael Bonachela
Artistic Director for the Sydney Dance Company
(Image from Sydney Dance Company)

We are so very lucky to have the incredibly charismatic and talented Rafael Bonachela as the Artistic Director for the SDC.

Rafael was born in Barcelona where he began his early dance training before moving to London, and in 1992 joined the legendary Rambert Dance Company. 

His internationally recognised talent has seen him work not only with contemporary dance at the highest level but also with artists from popular culture, such as Kylie Minogue and Tina Turner.

Rafael was named one of the Sydney Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People in 2012 for his efforts to popularise dance since taking on the job of Artistic Director with Sydney Dance Company.

From March 1, De Novo premiers at the Sydney Dance Company. It is a programme of three works. If the last four performances choreographed by Rafael are anything to go by, this will be well worth experiencing. Rafael has a way of introducing mixed media into his pieces that surprise you; coupled with a highly collaborative style – the first work in De Novo, titled ‘Emergence’, is an alliance between Rafael, singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko and composer Nick Wales.

I, for one, can’t wait to experience De Novo…

If you live in Sydney, and haven’t yet been to a Sydney Dance Company performance – please do so. It will blow you away. De Novo is on at Sydney Theatre from 1 – 23 March and tickets are still available.

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Comments (12)

Sounds good, although I have to admit I am more of a musical girl than the ballet. My mother did try to get me to do ballet lessons whe I was about 3, but I kept falling on my butt and it hurt! So I refused to go again!

BCD – the beauty of Rafael and his troupe is that contemporary dance is so physical that the performances are short AND the music is modern. WELL worth checking out, I promise!

Too bad it is so far away. Looks great.

I love any kind of dance. Saw a Tango + Symphony this Saturday. Made my little feet want to move, move, move! Of course, I would have been lacking some of the elegance we saw on stage.

J – Rafael’s choreography is incredible. He really has done an amazing job of making contemporary dance more accessible to the general public. We are so lucky to have him.

I’m so envious. There was a time when I wanted nothing more than being a prima ballerina. Alas there are few of them at five feet tall.

From one shorty to another – I hear you!

I went to the most recent performance the SDC gave in Melbourne – it was undoubtedly THE most amazing experience I’ve ever seen – my accomplice and I were speechless afterwards – very rare for us! SDC made dance make sense to me as an artform. They are a must see, for certain!

Hello Tracy Potts! We went to a preview of De Novo last week. Aside from Rafael being such a warm and unpretentious character (which would make me want to go anyway), the show itself looks amazing.

If the men look like that, I might just have to make a trip to Sydney real soon!

ALL men in Australia look like that (and, of course, Hugh Jackman). I thought everybody knew that?

Lucky you! Haven’t been to a modern ballet for years!

Put it on your bucket list, Lady Fi. Just wonderful.

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